What Women don’t know about Sex

What don’t women know about sex, Roger?

Actually a lot, my dear

They don’t understand the depths of it. They feel sex is just a physical act between two people who love each other and nothing more.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Sex is more than just a physical act. And I’ll prove it to you from The Bible (a book filled with wisdom), and also from real-life experiences. 


In the Holy Bible, there is a scripture verse found in:

2 Corinthians 6: 14, which states:

Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what Fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness, and what Communion has light with darkness.

The word ‘Fellowship’ used in this verse originates from the Greek word (The New Testament was originally written in Greek):

‘MĔTĔCHÕ’ (may-teh-ko) – It was translatedFellowship’ in English, but in the Greek Language, it also means: To belong to….e.g. Through sexual intercourse

Friend, this Greek word (MĔTĔCHÕ) describes a ‘Belonging To’ which is so deep and powerful, that the only example it could have given for such an intimate association is: Sexual Intercourse.

Because it describes and reflects a bond which is so strong that it involves your total being: Your spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body (with all its hormonal and chemical influences).

Do Not Belong to the Unrighteous Through Sexual Intercourse

This is what this verse is telling us. Do not belong to the wrong person through sexual intercourse. When you have ‘fellowship’ with someone in this manner, you belong to him or her – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

My female friend, when a woman who has never had sex before has sex with someone – There is shedding of blood.

Let me explain what actually happens. Just to the back of the opening of the vagina of a virgin, there is a fairly tough membrane (This has an opening about the size of an inch) known as: The Hymen.

When a woman has sex for the first time – The hymen is broken upon penetration, and some of her blood is shed in the process.

This shedding of blood (just like the shedding of blood in ancient Jewish culture and practices) signifies the sealing of a covenant.

What is a covenant?

The word ‘Covenant’ means: An agreement made between two individuals. But this is no ordinary agreement. This agreement was so binding that blood was shed to seal such an agreement.

Alright! Hold on to your seats still. Before we continue on this note – for more clarification, I’m going to give you another meaning of the word ‘Covenant’ as used in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

In the Greek language (The New Testament was originally written in Greek) the word which is used for ‘Covenant’ is      

DIATĒKĒ (Dee-at-a-Kay) – And it means: A disposition (disposing, relinquishing, surrendering, releasing) of personal property by will or otherwise.

This is how powerful a bond and union you form with the first person you have sex with.

Young woman (men, as well), when you have sex with a man what takes place is: DIATĒKĒ

You literally, relinquish, dispose of, surrender and release your personal property (in this case: your spirit, emotions, and body) by choice to the man you slept with.

This is serious stuff. This is far greater than having a sexual experience just to feel good.

Don’t be fooled by Hollywood’s depiction of glamour, splendor and eternal bliss. Subtly teaching that sex before marriage is the right and loving thing to do – Imparting to you their doctrine of romantic lies, which could lead to a destination of sorrow, tears and horrific pain.

All lies, lies, lies!!

In 1 Corinthians 6: 6 the Bible says:

What? Know you not that he that is joined to a harlot is one body. For Two saith He Shall Be One Flesh.

The word ‘joined’ used here in this scripture derives from the Greek word:

KOLLAŌ (ko-la-oh) – which means:

To glue or cement togetherSpecifically speaking in terms of metals here, as well as other materials – But primarily metals.

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Young lady, when you give yourself to a man sexually this is what happens – You become glued to him – You become cemented to him. Just like when you take a welding torch and weld two pieces of metal together. These bonds are very difficult (not impossible) to break.

This is why God clearly commands us not to have sex outside of marriage. And more so, with the wrong person – A person who does not hold to the same beliefs and practices, as you do. Because not only do you bond with this individual this strongly through sex, but you also adopt the same attitudes and characteristics that individual displays.

It is called: The Transference of spirits.

In a nutshell, this is what happens when you have MĔTĔCHÕ (Fellowship through Sex):

  • Fellowship through sex (MĔTĔCHÕ) – Blood is shed if you are a virgin (Your hymen is broken).
  • Covenant is formed (DIATĒKĒ) – Where you surrender yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically – It causes you to belong to the man you slept with in this holistic way.
  • And when this covenant is formed – You become cemented together (KOLLAŌ) – Like the cementing or binding which takes place when you weld two pieces of metal together.


The Old Testament records: When a woman got married she was expected to be a virgin. If upon her wedding night (after sleeping with her husband) there were no tokens (signs or evidence) of her virginity – shown by the shedding of blood, her husband had the right to take her to the elders of the city, and if it was proven to be true, she would be taken out of the city and stoned with stones until she died.

This is how serious a matter it was, and still is, for women of the Eastern culture to enter a marriage relationship as a virgin.

The same should hold true for our generation, today.

Both men and women ought to enter marriage as virgins – Whether you live in the East, West, North, South or any other place on this Earth or in the Universe: Sky, sea or outer space. This is applicable once you are human. So guys don’t feel you are exempted from this.

Important reminder:

The First Man a Woman Sheds Blood For (when her hymen is broken upon penetration of his penis) Becomes Powerfully Bonded To That Man: Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically.

Remember my dear: You are the one who shed your blood – not the man. The man sheds no blood. Therefore you are the one who would feel the greater connection.

You are the one who would experience the stronger bond. You are the one who would become more closely knitted in that relationship. Because you have the greater investment – BLOOD.

It’s possible for people to give you many things, but when they shed their blood for you, this is giving on a much higher level. This is why you are the one who would bond more deeply than your partner in sex. I’m speaking about heterosexual relationships here.

You will never bond to another man in this fashion again. Because you can only have your Virginity: ONCE. And you can only shed blood when your hymen is broken: ONCE. And this shedding of blood can only take place: ONCE – with the first man you have sex with.

Who do you want this first man to be?

Some bimbo (from God knows where) who you barely know to lose something so precious that you can only have it once in your entire lifetime (Your Virginity)?

Is this the kind of individual you want to give that cherished part of your being to – that part of your divinely structured body which signifies the sealing of a covenant when you have sex?

Don’t be a fool child!

Keep your virginity for your husband to be. Preserve your virginity for the man who deserves it. The man who would:

  • Love and Cherish you
  • Remain committed to you, and you alone
  • Love you above all else, but God
  • Esteem you as No. 1 (Numero Uno) in his life. After God, of course.
  • Respect you by Waiting Until After Marriage before he has any kind of sexual contact with you


When Stan met his first girlfriend, Eve, they were both seventeen (17) years old at the time. And you know how it goes with your first love – You feel like you’re ten (10) feet tall…

But friend, this was not a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship – both Stan and Eve were having sexual intercourse with each other. And when her parents found out about it, they were so displeased (to put it mildly) ……..they sent Eve abroad, to stay by relatives there.

Well the years rolled by and things changed.  Eve was now married to a gentleman named: Joe, with a family of her own, and Stan also moved on relationally.

However my sister, even though fifteen (15) years had passed before Eve visited her home country, Trinidad…when she did, she still sought out her old boyfriend, Stan, and slept with him – In fact, every year, she visited, Trinidad – Although she was married to someone else.

Could you imagine all this was happening and her poor faithful husband was ignorant of it? Suppose you were this husband how would you feel?


Why couldn’t Eve get over her first love? Why did she still find herself desiring her first ‘flame’?


Because Stan was the first guy Eve ever slept with – He was the person she lost her virginity to. He was the first person she shed blood for. He was the first person she formed covenant with, by sexual intercourse and the shedding of her blood when her hymen was broken.

Women this act of sex is a serious thing. It is not to be taken lightly.

Stop fooling around with that boyfriend. Stop it!!

Remember, you will become powerfully bonded to the first guy you lose your Virginity to. You will belong to him in a holistic way: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

This is why God commands such a bond Only Take Place within Marriage.

You are not wiser than God, my child.

God who made your human body specifically commanded that you should not take it and have sexual intercourse with it before marriage. He knows what is best for you because He is the One who made you.

But you might say, “It’s your body and your decision.” You could do as you please with them both.


It might be your decision, but it’s not your body. Show me which part of it you made, and what material you used to make it.

Did you make the toes on your feet or the fingers on your hand? What about one grain of hair on your head?

You didn’t even create one microscopic cell in your body, miss. So don’t be an ignoramus.

Hear the counsel of God.

If you take His advice you can never, never, never go wrong.

Disobey, and you are sure to face the negative consequences.

It’s only a fool who doesn’t hearken to counsel. It’s only a fool who thinks he or she knows it all. But a wise person listens to wise advice.

Are you a wise person or a foolish one?

But I anticipate some of my readers may say:

“Roger, I and my boyfriend have never had sexual intercourse, but we do fondle each other, at times. So this is not applicable to me.”

Young lady, when you allow a guy to fondle what is not his (by marriage), a hormone called: Oxytocin is released in your brain.

It is known as: The Love Hormone, The Cuddle Hormone, The Bonding Chemical. And it has been shown to play a major role in the establishment of social bonds between males and females. It plays a key role in the formation of pair bonds.

In fact, research has shown:

If a female sheep (ewe) is separated from her lamb shortly after birth she is likely to refuse to nurse it. To encourage her to nurse her lamb, Sheep Farmers would gently wash her nipples; as well as use a special tool to stimulate her vagina. This stimulation of her nipples and vagina causes her to release a stream of Oxytocin in her brain, which motivates her to nurse and bond with her lamb.

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Young lady, this is what happens to you when you allow a guy to fondle your breasts and vagina (whether his hands are inside your clothes or out) – Your brain secretes Oxytocin and you become strongly bonded to him.

But you might say, “What’s so bad about that if I’m bonding this way with someone I love?”

Let me ask you:

If you’re giving this guy the whole ‘hog’ (as they say) without marriage, why would he want to marry you – You are already giving him everything.

Now let’s get back to our talk about Oxytocin.

Woman, because you possess much more Oxytocin (which is a hormone that is responsible for bonding) than men do, what do you suppose happens when you allow a guy to fondle you? Who do you feel bond more or becomes more attached or connected in the relationship – You or him?

Exactly! You do.

So when this relationship goes sour or doesn’t work out whom do you feel experience the greater hurt?

Again, you are right. You do.

So what should you do?

Any guy who wants to put his hand where it doesn’t belong legally (through marriage) firmly warn him what could happen if he tries that again.

Stop him immediately!!

Am I too harsh in what I’m advising?

My sentiments, as well

Not at all

Protect yourself, my dear. Not with condoms –

But With Abstinence!

The above Excerpt was taken from ‘Is Sex Your Genie in a Bottle?’

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