The Source of Wealth


Is wealth a gift from God for only the ‘privileged’, or an opportunity available for all? 

Does someone have to be gifted to be wealthy?

Are the wealthy individuals endowed with special abilities to acquire wealth, which others are lacking?

Are you lacking wealth because you don’t have these abilities?

Believe it or not, my friend, you are already wealthy, because wealth is a gift of the human spirit…all human spirits.




In the Old Testament it is written…..God has given us the Power to Get Wealth that He may establish His covenant in the earth.


My friend, you already have residing within you: The Power to Get Wealth – The Power to Generate Money – The Power to Get the Kind Money You Want.


He said you have the Power…….You already have it.


So, stop begging God to supply your needs…..stop bombarding the throne of God with prayers for a financial miracle.



Because He has already given YOU – The Power to Get Wealth.

He has already equipped YOU with the Ability to Generate Money any time you want to – For any purpose.

You already have it, my friend.

Stop waiting for a financial miracle from God – Create Your Own Financial Miracles. Believe it or not – He is waiting on you to do so. Because He has already given you the Power or Ability to create wealth without having to resort to Him, every time you need or want money.

Do you get it?


You already have the power to generate money lying dormant within you – Doing nothing. And that is so simply because you don’t realize you already have the power within you to generate money, any time you choose.

But how do you release this Power? How do you activate it? How do you make it work for you – And make it work quickly?


These questions and much more, I will be dealing with in the following chapters. But for now, know: Your spirit is already gifted with wealth.

I know you don’t feel so, right now, because it has been taught your net financial worth is calculated by subtracting all your debts and expenses from what you possess in cash and kind (Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth), and when you saw the figures after doing this exercise, you felt poor – Very poor.

But friend, this statement is not entirely true.

You cannot calculate or determine how much someone is worth financially this way.   Because: You are already wealthy.

I want you to repeat this with me:

I am already wealthy

I am already wealthy

I am wealthy

I am wealthy.

Are you feeling weird saying those words?

Is our brain having problems to compute this truth?

That’s only because you’ve never been told that you are already wealthy.

Nobody taught our parents this truth; and no one revealed this truth to you, prior to now…..That

Wealth is an asset of the spirit – Just like your car or house would be considered a financial asset.

How come?

Because wealth is a by-product of ideas, which come from your spirit – Inanimate, income-generating thoughts seeking expression in the natural world.

My friend, right now you have the ability to generate money at will, naturally and supernaturally; just like Jesus did.

When Jesus had to pay taxes for both Himself and Peter, they didn’t have any money on them at the time, but Jesus knew exactly how to get what He needed.   He calmly told Peter to go cast his hook out into the sea, and when he opens the mouth of the first fish he catches, he would find money, which he would use to pay their taxes.

Jesus demonstrated power over Money. He exercised authority over money and the environment.

Do you know you have the same Power resident within you?

You possess both natural and supernatural abilities to generate money.

Because:   The Source of Wealth is your spirit.

You are already Wealthy,  for wealth resides in your spirit.

Wealth is a Resource of the human spirit.

You are already wealthy and you don’t even know it.

You came into this world prepackaged with wealth.   You were born wealthy.

You don’t believe me?

What’s that you say – You will only believe it when you see it?

My friend, money, houses, cars….etc. are all by-products of ideas, which stem from the human spirit.

When we see someone who have a large bank account, a huge and lavish house, luxurious cars, thriving businesses….we say they are wealthy. We stand afar-off and wish it was us; or that we were born into that family.

Not so?

My friend, all that so-called wealth you see with your natural eyes, originated from ideas they acted upon – Ideas, which were spawned in their spirit.

These are individuals who acted upon the ideas, which came from their spirit. They are individuals who used those ideas from their spirit, to produce, provide and sell a product or service, which people need or desire.

Do you know your spirit had been constantly giving you money-making ideas, but you didn’t reap the benefits of it because you did nothing about it?   

About 17 years ago, while working in the filing room of a leading energy firm, one of my co-workers, Mike, came hastily into the filing room and anxiously announced, “I have an idea, Ali B., I have an idea”.

[Mike was twenty-two (22) years old at the time, when he said he was going to be a millionaire before he reached thirty (30)]


“What idea do you have?” I responded.


“I have an idea for a special kind of sauce. Last night, I was trying to create the perfect-tasting sauce in my kitchen, and I stumbled upon this ideal-tasting sauce”.

“What are you going to use this sauce for?” I asked.

“I am going to use this sauce for grilled foods. I am going to open a grilled food business”, He answered.

“Great! Run with it, Mike. Don’t let anybody stop you or discourage you”, I encouraged.


My friend, just from running with the idea of a sauce, Mike now owns three (3) very successful grilled food businesses. And he became a millionaire before the age of thirty (30) just like he declared he would.


What made Mike successful?

An idea!


He acted upon an idea he had, and produced, marketed and sold a product, which people desired……and made millions from this exercise.


He acted upon an idea, which was born in his spirit.


What ideas are stirring in your spirit, right now? What ideas do you have which you can turn into income?


What are you doing with those ideas?


Are you acting upon them, or dismissing them as an unreachable dream?


My friend, if you are doing nothing with the ideas you receive from your spirit, then that’s exactly what you’ll receive in return: Nothing.


And I don’t want to hear you say when you see someone else implementing the idea you had: “That was my idea. They’re using my idea”.


Don’t you know ideas will seek a vessel to manifest itself to the world?


If you don’t allow it to manifest itself through you – Then it will find someone else who will.


My friend, you can:


Maybe there are many who are reading this and saying, “How do I get an idea, Roger? I know you said ideas come from my spirit, but how do I access them, how do I get them?”


My friend, money-making ideas are very easy to get.


What did I say in the previous chapter people exchange their money for?

  • Goods
  • Services


But goods and services which:

  • Solve problems
  • Makes life easier
  • Give or create pleasure


For instance:


Have you ever heard people complaining about the service they get at gas-stations, groceries, banks, government institutions etc.?


Well, what could be a solution?


Better customer service!


All you have to do is think about how you can help these organizations give better customer service to their customers, and charge a fee for this service you provide.


This is an example of a money-making idea. If you apply this idea, just remember you owe me some royalties for using it.


If you are very observant, if you listen to what you hear people say, you will be able to identify problems which need a solution. And every problem you identify is an opportunity for a business.


This is another way to get ideas for business. Look for problems, and every one you discover is an opportunity for you to get ideas for a solution; and when you find the solution, you sell it at a price to the people who want or need it.


It’s that simple!


Well, what are you waiting for?


Go find problems.


Here are a few tips, which can help your spirit to come up with money-making ideas:


  • When you discover a problem which needs solving, and you see the opportunity for a business…to get the ideas to solve this problem you can lie on the couch or bed, if you choose, and meditate on the problem….what / who is causing it, possible solutions you can apply to solve it…..When you do this you are stirring-up the creative side of your spirit (which was probably laying dormant for some time) to find the answers for those problems.


  • Ask God to give you the answer to this problem. Ask God to show / tell you how you can solve this problem.


After you get the answer to the problem, nourish those ideas…..Apply all the necessary steps to take it from the idea form to reality – Where you can see and touch it.


Anyhow, before I close this tutorial, I want you to be aware of five (5) things, which can hinder your spirit from coming up with ideas:


  • Unforgiveness
  • Lack of rest
  • Unhealthy eating
  • Keeping company with negative individuals
  • Reading & Listening to the wrong words


My friend, making money is a lot easier than you believe.


It is easy to make money, legitimately, without resorting to crime or unlawful methods.


P.S. Wealth resides in the human spirit. The above Tutorial was taken from the book ‘How To Make Money Today, Tomorrow & Everyday’


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