5 ways to live a disciplined life and love it


Live a Disciplined Life – Disciplined & loving it


Tiger Woods is said to be the best golf player in history. He has been ranked number one in the world longer than any other golfer; and is the youngest person to ever win 12 major championships, and 52 PGA Tour victories.
Stephen King, international-renowned author of many best-selling novels, was a high school English Teacher who made it big time from his passion for writing.


He taught in the day and wrote on evening and weekends producing short stories and novels, which all contributed to his success as a world-famed author.


What are the secrets to these two (2) individuals’ successes? Were they born with some special abilities which you and I don’t possess?


What do you think?


Here’s the truth:


The secret to Tiger Woods and Stephen King’s success is built upon several factors – A major one being: Discipline.


What is Discipline and what does it involve?


  1. Discipline demands: Time Management


Tiger Woods practice-day starts at dawn and can be as long as, 14 hours – With him hitting thousands of shots a day.


When Tiger could have been in his bed sleeping, he ensured that he got up early, and practised for several hours per day, with the dream and determination to keep on winning competition after competition.


He managed his time wisely to fulfill his dream, to be the best golfer in history.


How do you manage your time?


Do you manage your time wisely, or do you waste time?


Each living person on this earth is blessed with the same amount of time in a day: 24 hours.


Depending on what they do with that time will determine the outcome of their life – Whether they are successful or not.


What would help you to manage your time more wisely, though, is: Knowing what you want to do with your life.


What do you want to do with your life?


Do you know you have the privilege and opportunity to determine whatever you want to do with your life – To determine the outcome of your life – What you want it to be?


Are you making use of that privilege or wasting it?


Are you living life by design or by default – wherever the chips fall you let them lie?


Get a pen and book, right now, and state in writing what you want to do with your life – What you want your life to be.


This is the first step in living life purposely.


  1. Discipline demands Habits – Forming Healthy Habits


Stephen King stated that his secret to writing well lied in writing 4 to 6 hours a day. He made a habit of writing at least 2000 words, each day, in his early years, after work, and did not stop until that quota was met.


What does that say?


All successful persons have habits – healthy habits which led to their success.


If your life is not exuding the success you desire, then check your habits. 


What things are you doing habitually, each day? Are they things which would lead to your success, or things which would keep life at a standstill for you – With no growth?


If you are not getting the results you desire, then develop new habits, or change the habits you presently have?


Develop healthy habits!


What is a habit?


A habit is simply something you do every day. It is doing the same thing over and over again, each day.


To succeed in life – You need to develop healthy habits.


  1. Discipline demands Improvement. Always seek to Improve


Tiger Woods practised and practised, consistently, until he perfected his shots – Until he became excellent at the sport he loved.


Do you practise and practise, persisting until you exude excellence doing what you love?


Or do you give up at the first signs of: Hardship, Work or ‘seeming’ difficultly?


Are you a budding writer, musician, engineer, actor, doctor, lawyer, chef – Persist until you achieve your goal. Keep practicing the things which would make you excellent in your field.


Never stop short of excellence.


The world always rewards excellence.


Be a person who constantly presses for excellence in what you do; and even after you have achieved excellence – Still find more ways of improving your passion – The legitimate things you love doing.


  1. Discipline demands managing Friends – Managing Relationships


There is a cliché which states, ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’


This statement holds a lot of truth in it.


If you are seeking to excel in life you will have to choose your friends, wisely.


There are good friends who will impart worthwhile stuff which can help build you and motivate you to accomplish your dreams, and there are also bad friends who will encourage you to do things which would get you into trouble, or cause you to forfeit your dreams.


Which ones do you hang around with?


Which ones do you need to drop like a hot potato?


Don’t be afraid to stop hanging out with friends who are not contributing to your success in life in tangible or intangible ways.


Form and forge new friendships which would propel you to your desired goal/s in record time.


Where are those friends?


You will find those friends when you first determine what you want in life. Then look for people who can help that dream come true.


You will attract those quality friends when you refrain from bad company.


  1. Discipline demands Sacrifice


All individuals who have ever accomplished anything worthwhile in life have all sacrificed to achieve those dreams.


They have sacrificed: Time, money, toxic friendships, etc.


If you are seeking to reach to higher heights and achieve all your dreams without sacrifice you are fooling yourself. All success requires sacrifice.


All success has a price.


Are you willing to pay the price for success?


Fred studied under a street light to pass his GCE Examinations, because they were so poor they couldn’t afford electricity in their home. But despite this, he studied and passed all his GCE examinations with the highest grades in the country.


What sacrifices are you prepared to make to give you the success you want?


What are the fruits and rewards of Discipline?


Discipline has its rewards for anyone who is willing to hearken to its voice.


 Discipline always gives you the dreams you are determined to accomplish.


 Discipline always rewards you with success.


 Discipline always gives you your heart’s desire.


 Discipline always promotes you to a place of honor.


 Discipline always makes you a person of admiration.


 Discipline automatically makes you somebody’s mentor.


 Discipline causes others to emulate you.


 Discipline gives hope to the hopeless.


 Discipline makes you a sought-after individual.


Such is the Power of Discipline. Never neglect it.



Things to Do:


Researchers have discovered that it takes between 30 – 45 days to form a new habit.


Knowing this, you can set out to form a new positive habit, every month.


From today, I want you to start doing something positive, and continue to do it for at least 30 to 45 days, straight.


Plan to form a new positive habit, by doing the same positive thing, every day, for 30 to 45 consecutive days.



It could be:


 To start and finish reading one educational book, every month.


 Becoming a writer. You could write at least 500 words a day, for 30 to 45 days.


 Learning something new, every day.


Whatever good thing you choose to make a habit of – Do it for 30 to 45 consecutive days, and you will be surprised at the amazing results your life churns out, each month.


Things to think about:

If discipline helped Tiger Woods and Stephen King to reach to the top in their career; don’t you think that if you apply discipline in the field of your choice, you too, can also reach to the top in that field?

Questions to answer:


  • Who is Tiger Woods?
  • Who is Stephen King?
  • What is discipline and what does it involve?
  • What are the rewards of discipline?