The Backstage View

Lesson 3: In this lesson we will be focusing on Microsoft Word 2010 Backstage View – where is the backstage view?

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Backstage View (Text tutorial below)



1. If you left-click the File tab in the menu bar, you will open an area called: Backstage View. Backstage View contains several commands which you can use to manage your files and configure the Microsoft Word Program. Some of the commands listed there are: Save, Save as, Open, Close, Recent, New, Print, etc.


2. Under the ‘Info. command’ (it is highlighted in blue on the diagram) – You will see two columns opened up to the right revealing information about the word document you presently have opened. You can see that written in the diagram.


3. In the first column you have listed under the ‘Info’ command in the Backstage view: Protect Document, Check for Issues and Manage Versions. To the right of the first column you have the section revealing the ‘Properties’ of the opened document. E.g. The size of the opened document, the amount of pages it has, the amount of words the document have and so forth.


In later lessons we will learn how to use the commands in the backstage view. But that’s it for now for this lesson.

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