Take Responsibility for Your Life – Enjoy Responsibility


Responsibility is a word many persons don’t like to hear, because it has been taught as something which is difficult to assume and exercise. Or most times, it has not been taught at all.


Since I was a child, I was taught household responsibilities from my father. I was taught how to cook, wash, iron clothes and clean the yard. I was also responsible for fulfilling many other small errands – Lessons and Life-Skills I particularly benefited from in my adult years.


At the time I was being taught those skills, though, I did not wholly enjoy all of them. I did not know how much those skills learnt back then would have helped me in my later years. And now, I am very thankful to my father (although he is not alive, today) for making time to teach me life-skills which would benefit me for a lifetime.


Are you presently being taught these kinds of skills from your parents, guardians, teachers etc. and you don’t like it at all, because of the demands it makes on your time and energy – Time and energy which you feel could be better spent, elsewhere, doing things you enjoy, like playing video games, aimlessly lying on your bed for several hours – Doing nothing but simply ‘chilling out’?


Know, my friend, that though you may not like the responsibilities you are being taught or held accountable for, they are serving to mold and shape your life into becoming a better person, a stronger individual, an independent person, a knowledgeable and skilled young man or woman.


Don’t fear responsibility – Embrace it!


  • It is a friend not a foe.
  • It is delight not a torment.
  • It is building you not destroying you.
  • It is helping you not hurting you.
  • It is making you strong not weak.
  • It is making you independent – not needing others to do those things which you can and should know how to do for yourself.
  • It is developing you into a person you would be proud of in the near future.


So don’t despise responsibility – Love it!


See it as your friend not your foe.


See it as your Lighthouse and Guide to a better life – A better You.


There are different kinds of responsibilities you should know of, though, here are just a few of them:


  1. There are household responsibilities like: Taking out the garbage, washing the wares, cooking, washing clothes, ironing clothes, cleaning the yard etc.


  1. There are family responsibilities. For instance, providing the food, shelter, clothing, education…the members of your family need.


Maybe you are living in a home where one of your parents has abdicated their family responsibilities, and you feel cheated out of being provided with the basic things for a comfortable life. Don’t worry!


There are always brighter tomorrows for you if you show great promise and potential.


What do I mean by this?


If you are an individual who are diligently pursuing your dreams – seeking to become all you can become – Excelling at the field of your choice. Doors will be opened to you. Opportunities you never expected will come your way. People, who you know and don’t know, will want to help you succeed – they’ll be motivated to help you achieve your goals.


So keep focused. Take Courage. Continue to pursue your dreams, and I am positive you will accomplish all of them. And I am certain your accomplished dreams will provide you with more than enough to live a comfortable life.


  1. There are financial responsibilities. You are responsible for how much money you earn, save, give, spend and invest.


When I was about 8 years old, my allowance was 10 cents a week. To earn extra money, I and my older brother went into the community and asked neighbours for work. We painted houses and fences, cleaned yards and did other chores for neighbours, to earn extra money.


Are you willing to do the same or similar – Or are you looking for ‘big money’, for doing little or nothing at all?


My friend, if you can earn ‘big money’ doing lawful things, no problem with that. But if you are encouraged to do illegal stuff to get that so-called ‘big money’, think again. The end of that road is: Pain, Sorrow, Jail, A Prison Record, Premature Death, Shame and Heartaches for your family members, and much more.


Avoid that road like you would a plague!!


Don’t be afraid or ashamed to start small (once it’s legal) and work your way up.


As the wise King Solomon once wrote: “Don’t despise small beginnings.”


Also, I noticed a lot of people have held the Government responsible for providing food, housing, clothing, education, a good-paying job, etc., for them.


They claim it’s the Government’s responsibility to provide those things for them – This is why they voted that political party in power, they say.


But is it really the Government’s responsibility to provide these things for you?


If so, how come others are providing these things for themselves without the Government’s help?


How are they different from you?


The only difference between you and them, my friend, is: Mindset.


They do not have a ‘Dependency Syndrome Mindset’.


They are not depending on others to do for them what they can do for themselves.


It is your responsibility, my friend, to provide these things for yourself – Not anyone else’s.


So stop pointing accusing fingers at others, blaming others for your financial position, when it is your responsibility to determine your financial status.


It is up to the Government to create a democratic society which nurtures and promotes free enterprise – Not to put ‘free money’ in your pocket; or to hand out other profitable gifts to you, ‘on the house’.


Assume Financial Responsibility – It is YOURS not others’.


These are just a few responsibilities you have to assume. There are more, of course. But it will take books to write about them.


Things to do:

Assume responsibility for household chores in your home without your father or mother having to ask you. It could be as simple as, taking out the garbage, washing the wares, doing the laundry…


Things to think about:


Before I close this lesson, I want to ask you this question: How far does responsibility extend?


How much should you be responsible for?


Should you only be responsible for yourself and your family; or should your sphere of responsibility include more?


My friend, we are responsible not just for ourselves and our family members, but we are also morally responsible for others.


We are responsible for helping those who cannot help themselves. We are responsible for showing compassion – being careful not to instill a dependency syndrome in those we are helping, of course. We are responsible for making this world a better place for all – even for generations to come.


Questions to answer:


  1. What are the three (3) types of responsibilities?