Styles and Formatting in Word

What are styles?

A style in Word is a set of predefined formatting which affects the font, color and size of your selected text.

1. Word already comes with a set of predefined styles

2. Click the ‘More’ down arrow button to pull up all the styles in the ‘Styles’ Group

styles and formatting part 2


3. These are the types of predefined Styles available in Word: See below.

styles and formatting in word part 3


4. To apply a style – Click on the area where you want to apply a style. I have clicked on the word ‘SUMMER’ as seen in the diagram below. 

styles and formatting part 1


5. Next, Select the style you want from the ‘Styles’ by clicking on it

styles and formatting part 4

6. Word applies the style you chose. In this case, the ‘Title’ Style was applied to the word ‘SUMMER’ in the diagram below. 

styles and formatting part 5



Lesson 51: Styles and Formatting Part 2 – New Paragraph Style