Start a New Document

When you first open Microsoft Word a new document will automatically appear on the screen. But you can also open another new document after Microsoft Word has already opened up.

Click on the ‘File Tab’ on the ribbon

Scroll down to the ‘New’ Button and click on it. See the Diagram below.

The ‘Available Templates’ dialog box will appear with ‘Blank Document’ already selected. You will also find several Microsoft Word pre-done templates there which you can select if you choose, e.g. Flyers, letters, Invitations, Invoices…

how to start a new document


After you select the template you want to use, a preview of the template will appear to the right of your Microsoft Word Screen.

Click on the word ‘Create’ at the bottom of the preview of the template. See diagram above.

The new document will appear on the screen for you to use, edit and format as you choose.

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