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To the non-technical mind, I know starting a blog can seem like a daunting task, but I will guide you as best as I can through the process. And if you are still having problems setting one up I can even set it up for you. But more on that later in this article.

Here is what you will learn in this article:

1.  What is a Blog

2.  Domain Name

3. Hosting – Web Hosting

4. WordPress Installation – I can install WordPress for Free, for you.

5. Website Design

What is a Blog?

A blog was originally created to serve as an online journal – A place where an individual called a blogger, could pen and share the events and experiences in their life with the people online.

These days, however, a blog has been used to also start and grow an online business, showcase one’s portfolio and accomplishments, plus more.

Now that we have that out of the way, the first question to ask yourself before Starting a Blog Website is, “Why do I want to Start a Blog?”

Is it to:

  • Only share my thoughts, feelings and experiences?
  • To showcase my portfolio for employment purposes?
  • To start and run an online Business?
  • All of the above?

Can you share in the comments section below what is your reason for wanting to Start a Blog?  

Okay, let’s get into the meat of this article now: “How To Start a Blog”.


You will need 4 Basic components when Starting a Blog:

1.  A Domain Name

What is a Domain name?

A Domain Name is similar to a home address – the address where you live.

Just like you have a street address and house number for people to find you or send you mails at your home – the place where you live, even so, a domain name is like a street address for people to find or locate where your blog or website is located on the internet.

Here are a few examples of popular domain names I am sure you heard of:

You cannot outrightly purchase a domain name though. You are only allowed to lease that name on a yearly basis.

Please Note, you do receive the use of a Free Domain Name when you purchase the hosting for your website with using my Bluehost affiliate links below. You will need hosting for your blog.

2.  Hosting – Web Hosting

Secondly, you would need something called ‘Hosting’ or Web Hosting as it is commonly referred to.

What is Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service which allows you to upload, store and share your blog files on the internet.

Let me see if I can draw a comparison so you could easily understand.

I will compare hosting to a mall.

Just like a mall is divided into sections to allow businesses to pay a monthly fee to set up their business, which we call stores, even so hosting companies allow blogs to pay a monthly/yearly fee to rent a section on their server to store our files, videos, pictures etc. concerning our blog.

There are several Web Hosting companies who provide this service for blogs.

The hosting company I highly recommend though is

You will need to acquire hosting from a Web Hosting company to showcase your blog on the internet and to upload, store, share, maintain and access all your files concerning your blog.

And as I mentioned earlier, the hosting company I  highly recommend for this service is   

To obtain hosting from at a special offer and to receive a Free WordPress Installation from me, just click on the image below or this link and obtain a hosting plan of your choice.

Here is what you will see when you click on the link above:

Next, Click on the green button titled ‘get started now’ as seen in the picture above.

You will be taken to the page below, where you will be presented with 3 different hosting plans: Basic, Plus & Prime. See below. 

Since you are now starting out the basic plan should be enough to service your needs effectively. Just click on the green ‘Select’ button under the basic plan. All these plans are billed and collected on a yearly basis.

You are paying a fee to upload, store, share and maintain all your blog or website files at these web hosting companies. The costs associated with starting and running a blog are very low when compared to starting and running an offline business.

After you ‘Select’ your hosting plan, in this case, the basic plan, you will be taken to this page. 

Bluehost Hosting 3Complete the appropriate section above, then click the blue ‘next’ button. Since we are obtaining a new domain (if you already have a domain name enter that name under the section ‘I have a domain name’).

You will then see the following screen below.

I have taken the liberty to fill out the form with makeup data, but you can use it as a guide to complete the form on your side. The form consists of 3 sections: 


i.  Account Information


ii.  Package Information  –  Uncheck all the items I have unchecked in the following section of the form below.

Bluehost Website Hosting

iii.  Payment Information – You are almost there now, all you have to do now is fill out your credit card details and click the green ‘submit’ button. As seen in the example below. Remember to place a tick in the box below I have read and agree to Bluehost’s Terms of Service.


3.  Setting up WordPress

After you have obtained your domain name for your blog and signed up for hosting at, you will receive an email from with your username and password and a link to access the section or space they set aside for you to login to upload and store your files for your blog on their system. It is in this reserved section you will be storing all your files for your blog.

You can use one of the free themes offered by WordPress to create your Blog but those free themes will have its limits. I personally would advise you use a good theme which may cost but which would offer you tons of features.

If you would like me to install your Blog for you, just obtain your hosting from my link here, and send me the email you receive from and I will install your Blog for you, for Free. You can email me the information using our  Contact Form with the subject line ‘Install my WordPress Site’, and I will setup your Blog for you within 24 – 48 hrs.


4.  Designing your Site

After you have set up your WordPress site. It’s now time to design it to your specific wants and needs. You can do so relatively easy if you obtain specific, pre-designed themes you can use for specific niches, which can be installed in seconds with a few clicks of a computer mouse. 

I recommend using StudioPress Themes’ for pre-designed themes. You can click on the image below to check out what they have to offer.


If however, you would like to design your own blog, then you can receive Free WordPress Training which can help you Master WordPress, quickly moving from Beginner to Experienced. If you would like to be a part of our Free WordPress Training Just enter your name and email address in the form below and click the ‘Subscribe For Free’ button. You will then receive free tutorials sent to your inbox every day until you have completed the course. 

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