Receiving any kind of skin burn is always an excruciating experience. Nobody wants to experience it. The discomfort, pain and sometimes ugly scars left behind can be distressing.

There are 4 types of skin burns:

1.  First degree

2.  Second degree

3.  Third degree

4.  And Fourth degree burns 

What are first degree burns?

First degree burns are burns which affect just the outer layer of skin.


Persons who suffered first degree burns may have only experienced a burning to their skin without suffering any blisters.

These type of burns only affect the top layer of the skin and can usually be healed by the body within 10 days.

How are they treated?

This can be treated by simply applying some cool running water for a few minutes to the affected area, then gently covering the area with gauze for protection.

A soothing cream with Aloe Vera can also be applied to the area to help speed up the healing process.  

What are second degree burns?

Second degree burns are burns which affect beyond the surface layer of the skin.

They can cause ghastly blisters on the skin, and can take about 2 – 3 weeks to heals.

These can be treated by:

  1. Putting the skin under cool running water for about 30 minutes
  2. Applying an antibiotic cream to the area.
  3. Going to the hospital to receive the appropriate help.


What are third degree burns?

Third and Fourth degree burns are more severe than the previous two.

Persons who suffer these type of burns should go immediately to the hospital for treatment.

Skin grafts are commonly used to replace severely damaged skin from third and fourth degree burns.

Recovery and healing time for Third and Fourth degree burns would be longer than the first 2 types.

However, back in 2011, Dr. Jörg Gerlach and StemCell Systems developed a Skin Cell Gun which was reported as restoring the patients skin within days, and leaving no scars behind.

The method involves taking stem cells from the patient, combining it with a special solution and using the Skin Cell Gun to spray it on to the affected areas.

This discovery was snapped up by RenovaCare Inc. in 2013 with the intention to distribute it commercially.

The stem cells sprayed on the affected area has been documented as being tested on second and third degree burns with success…in as little as a few days.  

See this amazing skin recovery video of state trooper Matt Urban, below. (Warning this video contains disturbing graphics).

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