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Complete Success Manual For Youths

Complete Success Manual For Youths

‘Complete Success Manual For Youths’ is the first of a series. It has been written to specifically teach Youths vital Life-Skills & Values. This book contains several sections which share principles youths can follow, implement, and adopt to live a successful life. It is divided into the major areas which human life hinges on and operates: Values & Life Skills, Sex Education, Purpose, Health and Career. All youths need to be armed with the knowledge revealed in this book. It is a sure guide and life-long companion to any young person seeking to succeed in life. And I firmly believe all young persons want to succeed in life – they just don’t know how to achieve this. This book is a step-by-step guide which would take any young person by the hand and show them how to accomplish their dreams – how to realize their goals – How to live a holistic and complete life from start to finish.

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