The Powers of Money


Does Money have Power?

Let me answer that question by asking you this question:

Do you know how it feels not to have money?

You feel as if you’re down in the dumps.

You feel as if everything good is happening for others, but not for you.

You feel depressed.

You feel less than.                 

You feel like you don’t belong.

You feel unaccomplished.

You feel worthless.

You feel like everybody is getting ahead, but you.

You have to see but not buy.

Touch but not take away.

Look at but not possess.

Desire but not claim.


Now I ask: Does Money have Power?

Oh yes! Money does have Power.

Purchasing Power!


Power to buy almost anything one desires. Yes, it has even been used to purchase votes, the love of others and….

But this is not the only Power Money has.

Actually, Money possesses Six (6) Powers:

  1. Purchasing Power
  2. Influential Power
  3. Helping Power
  4. Investing Power
  5. Controlling Power
  6. Protecting Power


So far, we’ve only spoken about the Purchasing Power of Money. And this is probably the only Power most of us associate money with.

In fact, there are some of us who only focus on the evil effects, which the Purchasing Power of Money had been used to accomplish, and so, are led to believe that ‘Money is the root of all evil’.

But Money of itself is neither good nor bad. It is an inanimate object – Possessing neither life, thoughts nor desires. It is the person who possesses the money; they are the one who use their mind and desires to either use money to do good or evil.

So don’t blame money for evil – identify the real culprit behind it: Human hearts.


Money doesn’t corrupt. Those individuals, who you thought money corrupted, were individuals who were already corrupted in their thinking even before they had money.

Money only gave them the vehicle to make their corrupted thinking visible.

That often-quoted statement, ‘Money is the root of all evil’, is actually a misquotation. People leave out one word from that Scripture verse, which makes a vast difference.

According to the Holy Bible, that Scripture verse really reads: ….For the Love of Money is the root of all evil.

It is the Love of Money, which we are forewarned not to have, because it is Love for Money, which fuels crime and devious acts.

How can you tell if you love money?

….When you will do anything illegal, unconscionable or selfish to get it (Lying, cheating, committing crime etc.) – You Love Money.

I want to emphasize this, though: Money is only a servant – A medium of exchange for goods and services – Nothing more. Any time we allow Money to affect our core values for living, then, we have taken a servant and made it a ‘Lord’. This leads me to write about the second Power.


Money possesses: Influential Power.

“Roger, could you let me pass with this load of gravel? I’ll sell it and split the money between me and you”, Alwin proposed.

This incident happened in a year when I worked as a dispatching clerk in a quarry.

The company had just fired the last clerk for dishonesty and hired me in his place.

It was during my stay there that Alwin (one of the truck drivers) presented me with his dishonest plan for both himself and me to earn more money.

But despite all his ‘logical reasoning’ why I should consider his ideal money-making plan for financial increase – I turned down his deceptive proposal.

…Because I was not going to sacrifice my integrity for money – Integrity is one thing, which Money cannot buy. Anytime you or anyone else allows money to cause you to compromise your righteous stand – Integrity was not bought – You were.

You did not allow Integrity to govern your decision. You allowed yourself to fall prey to the Influential Power of Money. This is an area where many individuals had yielded to temptation…even Presidents, Directors of companies, some Pastors, the poor and the rich, alike, had been known to compromise their values for the ‘Dollar’.

My friend, would you sacrifice the noble values, which you live by for ‘Money’?

Could you be influenced to give up your values for Money?

Read what two very wise and historical leaders, once said.

Better is a poor man that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse in his ways though he be rich.                                                                                             

Proverbs 28:6


What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

 Luke 8:36


If you have resorted to crime, scams, lies, and illegitimate means to obtain money, know: The end of that road is poverty, shame, prison and premature death.

Money is only a servant, my friend, and even though we need it to live in this life – it is still a servant.

Never allow the need for a ‘Dollar’ to drive you to lose your Integrity.


Thirdly, Money has Helping Power.

Because Bill and Melinda Gates believe every life has equal value. In 2000, they created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help reduce inequities in the United States and around the world.

So far, they have committed over 25 Billion dollars to this cause. Let me write out that figure for you:



Another of The world’s richest men, Warren Buffet – has committed himself to giving away 85% of his wealth.       

How much have you been able to commit to helping the less fortunate?

What causes are you supporting, financially?

What’s that you say?

You barely have enough money to meet your needs and pay your bills much more give to others.


This is precisely why you need to know how to get more money, so you could give more (hopefully thousands or millions) to help others.


Next, Money possesses Controlling Power.

What do I mean by this?

Money has the power to determine your destiny, lifestyle, and how you use your time and energies.          

For instance, if you had all the money you ever wanted, right now, what would you do?


  • Would you still continue to work where you are working?


  • Would you still live in the same house, apartment, community or country where you are living?


  • Would you change your lifestyle?


  • Would it determine what path you follow in life?


Money does possess the Power to control these factors and more…That’s why the wise King Solomon, once wrote: …Money is the answer to all things.


Fifthly, Money possesses Investing Power.

Money enables you to invest in your future, and the future of others (more on this, later).


And lastly, Money possesses Protecting Power. Money provides: A Source of Protection. King Solomon himself said, ‘Money is a defense’. Ecclesiastes 7:12

Money provides for you food, shelter, clothing, an education etc.

It protects you from lack, from not having enough, from ‘scraping the barrel’- From poverty.

You think so, Roger?

Yes, I do. Hear this true story.

When Larry was told by his landlord that he had to leave where he was staying, and find another place to stay by the end of the month, he had no saved money to make such a move.

He and his family felt insecure, despondent and fearful. He was thinking: “We only have one more week before month end, what would we do?”

My friend, finding a place to live was not Larry’s problem – There were several places for rent or purchase at the time. His problem was finding the money to facilitate such a move (I’m sure you can relate to me similar stories).

Think about all those homeless persons living on the streets begging for handouts to survive. Don’t you feel they would like to sleep in a warm bed with a roof over their heads….

Not having to worry about where the next meal is coming from?

Is money a defense – Does it have Protecting Power?

From what you’ve just read – You tell me.

Money is a form of defense. Money does have Protecting Power.

This is my purpose for writing this article. It is to prevent stories like Larry’s from happening. It is to teach you:

  • About Money in a balanced way
  • How to find Money
  • How to manage Money
  • How to generate Money
  • How to increase Money
  • How to use Money


All this and more I will expound on in subsequent lessons.