Page Numbers: Starting from a Specific Page in Word

Let’s say you don’t want page numbers on the first 5 pages of your document – You want page numbers to start at page 6 of your document, here’s how you do this:

Go to page 6 in your document and Create a section break at the beginning of page 6

1. You do this by left-clicking once to the left of the first word at the top of page 6. I am starting my page numbering on page 6 in my example, that’s why I  need to do this on page 6 in my document. You may need to start yours at a different page number – just left-click once to the left of the first letter on the page you want to start page numbering for your document.

page numbers starting at a specific page in word


2. Click the ‘Page Layout’ tab

Click on ‘Breaks’ button

Select the ‘Next Page’ Break from the Breaks display list

start page numbering at specific page in Office


3. Double click on the bottom of the page where you want to start your page numbers

4. Deselect ‘Link to Previous’ on the ribbon by left-clicking on it, once.

Microsoft Word - Start Page Numbering from a Specific Page


5. Click on ‘Page Numbers’ as seen in diagram – A drop down list will appear

Scroll down to ‘Format Page Numbers’ and click on it

Insert Sections with different page numbers in Word


6. The ‘Page Number Format’ dialog box will appear on the screen

In the box to the right of the ‘Start at’ section, enter the page number you want the page numbering in your document to start at. I entered the number six (6) because I want my document to start page numbering at page 6

Click ‘OK’

how to insert page numbers


7. Next, click on the ‘Page Number’ tab again, but this time scroll down to  ‘Bottom of Page’ command; a down-down list of pre-defined page number designs for the bottom of your page will appear choose one by clicking on it.

I chose ‘Plain Number 2’ page numbering design for the bottom of the page. You can choose yours now.

adding page numbers


8. Microsoft Word will insert your page numbers at the bottom of the pages you want it to show. See my diagram below.

start page numbering at a specific page







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