Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorial for Beginners to Advanced

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Below you will find what the Training involves: 

Microsoft Word 2010, Beginners to Advanced 

This complete Microsoft Word 2010 (beginners to advanced) training course from provide lessons on the program’s powerful everyday composition tools and extended range of functionality. 

The Word tutorial lessons begin by helping you learn where the program’s essential tools are: the ribbon, the toolbar, help and other handy options. The course then moves forward to cover editing text, formatting text, inserting images, performing mail merges, proofing, printing, and more. The expert instruction puts the creative process directly onscreen. Even complete beginners will find this powerful Word training easy to follow.

Course Sections:

  • Word Basics
  • Editing Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Formatting Pages
  • Tables & Charts
  • Printing Documents
  • Graphics
  • Customizing Word
  • Mass Mailing
  • Word & The Internet


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The 23 pictures below represent the first 23 lessons. They are in numerical order e.g. Lesson 1,2,3,4 etc. – starting from left to right. Click on or move your mouse over the appropriate lesson you want to go to, and click on it.  Below the 23 pictures (which if you click on will take you to the appropriate lesson) are the text links for the Lessons, as well. 

Lesson 1 – Starting Word 

Lesson 2 – Exploring Microsoft Word 2010 Interface

Lesson 3 – Backstage View

Lesson 4 – How to Select Commands with your Computer Mouse

Lesson 5 – The Mini Toolbar (what it is and how to use it)

Lesson 6 – Context Menus

Editing Text:

Formatting Text:

Lesson 30: How to apply Text Effects

Lesson 31: How to apply Highlighting to Text  

Lesson 32: How to apply Strikethrough to Text  

Lesson 33: How to apply Copy Text Formatting

Lesson 34: How to Remove Formatting from Text

Formatting Paragraphs:

Lesson 35: How to Change Text Alignment

Lesson 36: How to Set Line Spacing in a Paragraph

Lesson 37: How to Set Line Spacing between Paragraphs

Lesson 38: How to Create a Bulleted or Numbered List in Word

Lesson 39: How to Create a List as you Type 

Lesson 40: How to Create a Multi-Level List in Word

Lesson 41: How to Indent Paragraphs

Lesson 42: How to set Tabs in Word 2007 & 2010

Lesson 43: How to insert or add Dot leaders in Word

Lesson 44: How to Add a Border around a Paragraph in Word 2007 – 2010

Lesson 45: Microsoft Word – Paragraph Shading

Lesson 46: How to Change Margins in Word

Lesson 47: How to insert and remove a Section break in Word 2007 – 2010

Lesson 48: How to Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

Lesson 49: Page Numbers: Starting from a Specific Page in Word

Lesson 50: Styles and Formatting in Word

Lesson 51: Styles and Formatting Part 2 – New Paragraph Style

Lesson 52: How to Create a Character Style in Word

Lesson 53: How to Shade a Paragraph in Word

Formatting Pages in Microsoft Word:

Lesson 54: How to change Margins in Microsoft Word

Lesson 55: How to keep text together in Microsoft Word 2007 – 2010

Lesson 56: How to Adjust the Vertical Alignment in Microsoft Word

Lesson 57: Portrait and Landscape in Same Microsoft Word Document 2007 – 2013

Lesson 58: How to insert horizontal lines in Word Documents

Lesson 58B: How to add Page Numbers in a Word Document

Lesson 59: How to add line numbers to documents in Microsoft Word

Lesson 60: How to add Header and Footer in Word

Lesson 61:  Microsoft Word: How to enter different Headers on each page in your document

Lesson 62: How to create Footnotes in Word 2007, 2010, 2013

Lesson 63: How to Insert an Endnote in Word

Lesson 64: How to find, edit and delete Footnotes or Endnotes

Lesson 65: How to Add Watermarks in Word 2007, 2010, 2013

Lesson 66: How to Create Page Borders

Lesson 67: How to create Columns in Microsoft Word

Lesson 68: How to delete a Blank Page in Microsoft Word: 2007, 2010 and 2013

Tables and Charts:

Lesson 69: How to Use Tables in Microsoft Word

Lesson 70: Microsoft Word: Delete a Table…Fastest Way

Lesson 71: Inserting Rows and Columns in a table: Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2013

Lesson 72: Change row height or column width in Word

Lesson 73: How to move a table in Word

Lesson 74: How to Add or Delete a Row

Lesson 75: How to Add or Delete a Column

Lesson 76: How to resize a table

Lesson 77: How to adjust Cell Margins in a Table

Lesson 78: How to add spacing between cells in a table

Lesson 79: How to merge cells in Microsoft Word Tables

Lesson 80: How to Split a Table Cell in Word

Lesson 81: How to split a Table in Word

Lesson 82: How to add a formula to a table in Word

Lesson 83: How to Align Text or Numbers in Cells

Lesson 84: How to Add shading to Cells

Lesson 85: How to change the border around a Cell

Lesson 86: How to format a table

Lesson 87: How to Add Wordart

Lesson 88: How to insert images into Word Document: 2007, 2010 & 2013

Lesson 89: How to insert a Chart in Word

Graphics in Microsoft Word:

Lesson 90: How to put one picture on top another in Word

….and much more!

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