Microsoft PowerPoint Made Very Easy

The Microsoft PowerPoint Program enables you to create Presentations, which could include words, graphics, audio and video. It is our intention to make these tutorials as simple as possible for you to understand and do. 

In this training you will learn how to:

A. Build an Outline

B. Use Slide templates

C. Add Content

D. Use Masters

F. Formatting Text

G. Organize your Slides

H. Set up a Show

I. Run a Show


Build an Outline:

Lesson 1: Understanding PowerPoint Layout or Interface

Lesson 2: How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Lesson 3: How to Add a Slide in PowerPoint

Lesson 3A: How to delete Slides and Change Layouts in PowerPoint 2007, 2010

Lesson 4: How to Add Text to Slides

Lesson 5: How to change text color and style in PowerPoint

Lesson 6: How to change text font and size in PowerPoint

Lesson 7: How to Cut, copy and paste text in PowerPoint

Lesson 8: How to Add Animated Bullet Points in PowerPoint

Lesson 9: How to perform Spell Check in PowerPoint: Fastest Way

Lesson 10 : PowerPoint: How to hide and show the “Outline” tab

Lesson 11: How to enter content in an Outline in PowerPoint

Lesson 12: How to move slides in an Outline in PowerPoint

Lesson 13: How to promote or lower items in your presentation

Lesson 14: How to collapse or expand an Outline

Lesson 15: How to edit content on Slides in PowerPoint

Lesson 16: How to insert a Word Document into a PowerPoint Presentation

Lesson 17: How to embed YouTube Videos into PowerPoint

Lesson 18: Placeholders in PowerPoint

Lesson 19: How to change a Slide Layout

Lesson 20: How to Insert a Table in PowerPoint

Lesson 21: How to format a Table

Lesson 22: How to insert a Chart in PowerPoint

Lesson 23: How to format a Chart in PowerPoint

Lesson 24: Insert Images in PowerPoint