Master WordPress

This is a FREE WordPress course like no other. In it you will not get bogged down with irrelevant information that you will not put to use. Instead we will cover, step-by-step, everything you need to do to go from no site at all (not even a domain name) to a fully functioning WordPress website or blog that is as awesome as you are!

Short, to the point video instruction will walk you through each step:

  • How and where to buy a domain name.
  • How and where to get the right hosting for your needs.
  • How to change nameservers so everything points to the right place (don’t worry, just follow through the example and you will do this with ease)
  • How to install WordPress (in under a minute and with just a few clicks of your mouse).
  • How to log in to your new WordPress website and begin making changes.
  • How to change essential WordPress settings (just the ones you need to know).
  • How to install and activate a new theme.
  • The best places to purchase Premium WordPress themes.
  • How to install and activate Plugins on your WordPress website or blog.
  • How to Create and edit posts.
  • How to create and edit pages.
  • How to create menus on your new website.
  • How to work with images.
  • How to create links.
  • How to work with widgets, and add cool functionality to your site.
  • How to embed video on your website (the best way).
  • Plus more cool stuff…

Go from WordPress Zero to WordPress Hero in super fast time.

  • Use your new know-how to build your own website or blog.
  • Set up a web design business and charge others to do it for them.


When creating your own self-hosted WordPress website there are 3 essential things you would need:

a.  A Domain Name – That is a ‘www.’ Name. e.g.

b.  Secondly, you would need hosting – A place which would store and show to the internet world, all the files you put on your wordpress website.

c.  Thirdly, knowledge how to do the above and more, which are included in the lessons, below.

Click on the Links below to view lessons (More would be added daily and weekly)


Lesson 1: Obtaining a Domain name

Lesson 2: How to Obtain Hosting

Lesson 3: How to Set DNS

Lesson 4: How to install WordPress automatically using cpanel

Lesson 5: How to install themes automatically

Lesson 6: How to create New Blog Posts

Lesson 7: How to create a New Page

Lesson 8: How to Change Text

Lesson 9: How to Add an Image

Lesson 10: How to Add Video

Lesson 11: How to Display Content

Lesson 12: How to Add Plugins

Lesson 13: How to Add Line breaks

Lesson 14: How to Paste Text from Word into WordPress without Losing Formatting

Lesson 15: How to Edit Images in WordPress

Lesson 16: How to Add or Remove Comments in WordPress

Lesson 17: WordPress: How to create Categories

Lesson 18: How to add a Widget in WordPress

…and more


Master WordPress: Beginner's to Advance

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