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–  ¾ of 400 gram tin of carnation milk

–  ½ pound of New Zealand cheddar cheese. Grate Cheese. Save at least ¼ of this grated cheese for the topping of the macaroni pie.

–  3 eggs at room temperature

–  Salt and black pepper

–  ½ pack of 400 gram macaroni pack, uncooked

–  (Optional) Fry about half of an onion till its sweetness is released.

–  (Optional) ½ Tbsp. Melted Butter

–  (Optional) ½ tsp. Cayenne Powder

–  Crush about 8 Crix salt biscuits


Procedure for Baking Pie:

  1. Break the lengths of Macaroni in pieces of 4, and Cook the macaroni.

How to cook 200 grams of Macaroni

Break lengths of raw macaroni in at least 4 parts. I do this with my hands. This is to ensure after the macaroni pie has been baked the macaroni in the pie will be in bite-sized pieces.

I then take these pieces of uncooked macaroni and place them in a pot and pour pipe water in the pot, just enough to cover the macaroni.

I then put this pot on the stove to cook with medium heat and add about 5 pinches of salt in the water.  As soon as the water begins to boil I take the pot off the stove and drain the water out of the pot. I use a large strainer to do this.

  1. After draining off the water by pouring the cooked macaroni in a large strainer, I then return the cooked macaroni in the pot while it is still hot and sprinkle in ¾ of the grated cheese. And add about ½ tbsp. of butter to it.

I then use a large spoon to mix in the grated cheese and butter in the macaroni while it is still hot…adding about 5 pinches of black pepper (about 1 ½ tsp of black pepper).


  1. Next, I pour into the mixture about ¾ tin of Carnation Milk.

I make sure the milk is thoroughly combined in the mixture.

This part is optional: You can add to the mixture about half of an onion which had been diced and fried and about ½ tsp. of cayenne if you want to add some more flavor and spice things up.


  1. I add 3 eggs to the mixture, mixing them in one at a time.


  1. I then pour this mixture into a 9”x 5” loaf pan which had been greased with some butter and lined with some wax paper on the inside.


  1. I level the mixture and sprinkle the remaining cheese evenly on the top of the mixture. Afterward, I also sprinkle the crushed salt biscuit over it.


  1. I then put this loaf pan with the mixture into a preheated oven (preheated 180 C for at least 10 to 15 minutes) and leave it there for about 35 to 45 minutes. This time would vary with different persons based on the oven you use.


  1. After baking the mixture for 35 minutes, I would check to see if the pie is done. If it has been cooked, I remove the pie from the oven and allow it to cool for about 30 minutes before cutting it.

I normally use this pie on the same day. I don’t like storing macaroni pie in the fridge overnight. It isn’t the same. It is best you eat this pie the same day. Trust me.

This could be served with your lunch of rice, callaloo and stew chicken.

It is truly enjoyable once done right.