Layout of an Excel Worksheet

When you first open the Excel program, you will automatically open a spreadsheet file called a Workbooks. Each workbook usually contains more than one worksheet.  A Worksheet is the area where you will enter all your data.

Worksheets consists of 6 major areas (See the Diagram below):

Cell – A rectangular box where you enter your data

Column – A Vertical layer of cells. Each column is identified by a letter of the alphabet.

Row – A row is a horizontal line of cells. Rows are identified by a number.

Cell Address – All cells have cell addresses. You can determine a cell address by the letter of the column the cell lies in, and the number of the row it is on.

Range – A range of cells is a group of two or more cells.

Worksheet tab – The worksheet tab tells you the name of the Worksheet


layout of excel worksheet


Lesson 4: How to Enter text into a Cell