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Here are some 5 beautiful ways you can use Olive Oil:

  • Put the gloss back in your hair by rubbing this amazing product, Olive Oil, in your hair and allowing it to soak in for at least half an hour before washing your hair. Hmm…Imagine the looks you’ll start getting.
  • To alleviate or get rid of, dried or crack heels of your feet. This is very
    embarrassing to have – we all want to have smooth, neat, clean-smelling and
    looking feet. Don’t you? Olive Oil can well be your savior, here.
  • Olive Oil can also be applied to the face to retard wrinkling…To preserve your face from wrinkling, prematurely. It can help you maintain a youthful appearance. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • Just like Olive Oil can be used to heal cracked heels it can also be used to heal
    chapped lips. Try it. You’ll see.
  • Want the skin of your entire body to be soft and supple like a baby? Rub Olive Oil all over your skin and allow it to marinate (Just joking here, but you know what I mean) or penetrate your skin for at least 30 – 45 minutes before washing…Let your skin absorb all the healing properties of this beauty-wonder.

Olive Oil can be used to beautify your body in several other ways; but I believe the
few I have outlined is good enough reason to partner with this friend.

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