Hurricanes are not nice at all. 

I know there are folks who talk and makes jokes of them as if it’s no big deal. And that’s so because they have never truly experienced a hurricane, where they have lost everything and have to somehow find the courage and finances to build again. Not to mention the lives of loved ones who had been lost during hurricanes. Those could never be replaced. 

In my case, I have lived through a few. And I can tell you, first hand, it’s scary stuff. You just sit there praying for the best. And for those who think it’s God who sent the hurricane – Think again. It’s man who has interfered with the environment through pollution and otherwise.


Today, we have hurricane Irma passing through the Caribbean, on it’s way to Florida and who knows where else afterwards. But I do trust that those residents living in Irma’s path would prepare as much as they can to be safe. 


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