“How To Start A Business | Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank”

Bernard Marcus

Bernard Marcus

Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank was both fired from their jobs at Handy Dan Improvement Centre in 1978; after they became involved with the union, concerning a labor dispute with the company.

But instead of being discouraged and depressed about it, they decided they didn’t want to work for anyone again, and began to brainstorm for ideas to start their own business.

They came upon the idea to open a business, which offered cheaper hardware goods.

Armed with this idea and new-found lease on life, they then raised the start-up money from an investment group, and the first hardware retailing store: Home Depot, was born.

They turned a negative situation into a highly profitable and positive one, which is now worth billions of dollars.

Have you been laid-off or fired from your job and don’t know what to do?

What thoughts have been running through your mind after the company had let you go?

Is your mind only occupied with thoughts of how you’re going to pay your bills, put food on the table and to comfortably provide for your wife, children and yourself?

This type of thinking, my friend, will only shut-off all your creative juices from revealing valid solutions for your dilemma.

Follow Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank’s example and: Turn Your Trials into Fortunes .

What did Arthur and Blank do right? What can we learn from them?

  1. Arthur & Blank worked as a team
  2. Each allowed the other to utilize their strengths
  3. They created a business which was within their sphere of training and experience
  4. They knew how to raise the startup money for the business.

What training and experience do you possess?

How can you convert this into, or exchange this for:  Income?

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