How to set Tabs in Word 2007 & 2010

Tabs are used to help information line up within a column.

There are 5 types of Tabs:

Left tab in WordLeft Tab


center tab in wordCenter Tab



right tab in wordRight Tab



decimal tab in wordDecimal Tab


bar tab in wordBar Tab


1. Choose the type of Tab you want in Microsoft Word by Clicking the little box as seen in the diagram below until it changes to the Tab you desire.

2. After, Click on the area of the ruler where you want the Tab to appear. I have set a Left Tab at the 3” mark on the ruler. See the diagram below.

How to set tabs in Word 2007 and 2010



3. Click on the left hand side of the information you want to show up at the Tab you set.

tab key on computer keyboard4. Next, press the Tab key on your computer keyboard





5. Word moved the list item ‘Bread’ in my example, to the Left Tab stop I set at the 3” mark on the ruler, as seen in my diagram and Video, below.

how to set tabs in word


[videojs mp4=”″]


To move a tab

Left Click next to the line using the tab, or select the lines using the tab

Then, go to the tab on the ruler and holding down the left button of your computer mouse (a vertical line would appear) – Gently Drag the Tab either to the left or right. It will move the tab and the items in line with the tab.

To delete a Tab

Go to the Tab, and holding down the left button of your computer mouse – Gently drag the Tab off the ruler, as seen in the Video below.

[videojs mp4=”″]


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