How to set line spacing between Paragraphs

In Microsoft Word you can change the amount of spacing you want between paragraphs, while keeping your line spacing within the paragraphs. Example: You can make the spacing between paragraphs at 2.5 while keeping the line spacing between the text in paragraphs at 1.5

Here is how you do this:

1. Select the paragraphs whose spacing you want to adjust

2. Under the Home tab – Click the drop-down arrow in the Paragraph group

3. When you do – The Paragraph dialog box will appear on your computer screen

4. Under the ‘Spacing’ section change the before and after points to suit you. I changed my ‘Before’ spacing to 12 pt and my ‘After’ spacing to 12 pt, as well. 

(See the Diagram below)

how to set spacing between paragraphs



5. Word applies your commands

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