How to set and Accomplish Goals


Do you have goals – What are they?


Have you recorded and stored them in a safe place?


There was a billion-dollar conglomerate I knew of, who used to set fresh financial goals at the start of each fiscal year, for each of its subsidiary companies. Imagine this company was so successful, financially, and yet, it still saw the need to set new and larger financial goals, each year.


In fact, in 2006, it commissioned each of its companies to bring in 100 million dollars or more for that year, which increased in 2007 to 200 million.


My friend, if this company was already generating billions, and yet its leadership still saw the need to set new fiscal goals, each year, don’t you feel you should do the same?


Don’t you feel you should set goals, as well, financial or otherwise?


What are your goals – Do you have any?


There are 6 basic steps to setting and achieving Goals:


  1. Know what you want to achieve.

What do you want to achieve?


Determining what you want is the first place to start when you set out to achieve goals.


You cannot achieve goals if you don’t know exactly what goals you want to achieve.


  1. After you have determined what your goals are: Write them down in a book.


Do you already have your goals written down in a book?


If not, stop right now, get a notebook, and write down your goals. The things you would like to accomplish in life. And state exactly when you intend to accomplish them.


As they say, “If it is not in writing it is not worth two cents.” Don’t try to keep your goals in your head without writing them down. You will accomplish very little, if any at all, if you attempt to do it this way.


Don’t be lazy!


Find a book right now, and record each one of your goals in that book. And when you write them down – Write them down with as much details as possible.


For instance, if you want to pass your CXC examinations – Don’t just write down I want to pass my CXC examinations. State exactly how much subjects you want to get, the specific subjects you want to pass, and what grades you want to pass those subjects with.


Are you getting the point?


  1. Write down when you are going to accomplish these goals – Exactly what day, month and year, you will achieve these goals.


  1. Record what appropriate actions you need to take to achieve these goals.


  1. Create a plan


Write down what steps you are going to take, daily, to achieve these goals.


  1. 6. Action Your Plan


Do what you say you will do, each day, to bring these goals to pass.


If you don’t do this – You will never move from where you are, to where you want to be.

If you do these six easy steps I have outlined above, you will be amazed at what you have achieved in a short space of time. It is as simple as that.


Things to do:

Identify ten (10) goals you want to achieve within the next three (3) months; and state what steps you have to take to accomplish each of those ten (10) goals.

Things to think about:

If achieving any goal in life is just a matter of applying specific steps; then nothing can stop you from realizing you goals.

Questions to answer:


  1. What are the six (6) steps you need to apply to accomplish any goal?