How to Select Commands with your Computer Mouse


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On the ribbon of the Microsoft Word 2010 document…tasks or commands to give Word to perform for you, are hosted under tabs on the ribbon.

For instance, on the diagram below you will see the following tabs on the ribbon:

  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • References
  • Mailings
  • Review
  • View
  • Acrobat


selecting commands


If you were to left-click any one of those tabs it will open up for you groups of commands to help you perform the tasks you want done in your document.

Right now, in the diagram below, the Home tab is selected..Revealing these groups of commands:

  • Clipboard – Under the clipboard group, you will find the following command buttons: Paste, Cut, Copy and Format Painter.
  • Font – Under the Font group, you will find the following command buttons: Font, Font Size, Grow Font, Decrease Font, Change Case, Clear Formatting, Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript, Text Effects, Text Highlight Color, Font Color
  • Paragraph – Under the Paragraph group, you will find the following command buttons: Bullets, Numbering, Multilevel list, Decrease Indent, Increase Indent, Sort, Show/Hide, Align Text Left, Center, Align Text Right, Justify, Line and Paragraph Spacing, Bottom Border.
  • Styles – Under the Styles group, you will find the following command buttons: Normal, No Spacing, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Title, Subtitle, Subtle Emphasis, Change Styles.
  • Editing – Under the Editing group, you will find the following command buttons: Find, Replace and Select.



To use the commands listed on the ribbon under the tabs:

  1. Left-Click the tab containing the command you want to apply to your document
  2. Select the text or area in your document you want to apply this command to
  3. Left-Click the command you want to use.



If you want to apply the bold command to a certain paragraph in your text:

First select that specific paragraph (as seen in the diagram below) by left-clicking at the beginning of the paragraph and holding down the left button of your computer mouse and dragging it across the paragraph you want to bold. After you have selected the paragraph, release the left button of your computer mouse.



Next, go to the ‘Bold’ command on your ribbon and left-click on it once, and you would have applied the bold command to that selected paragraph.


Then deselect the text by left-clicking anywhere in your document.

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