How to Select a Range

Let’s say you want select the following range:

A1 to F11

how to select a rectangular range of cells

Here is what you can do to select this range:

1. First, left click in the cell A1. See diagram above.

2. Next, holding down the ‘Shift’ Key on your computer keyboard, click on the last cell of the range – F11 (see diagram below).

3. Now release the ‘Shift’ key

Excel then selects the entire range for you.

As seen in the diagram below

how-to-select-a-rectangular-range-of-cells 3

Another way you can select the range above is:

Click in the first cell of the range you want to select, then holding down the left button on your computer mouse, drag right across the range you want to select and Excel will select that range for you.

Lesson 11: How to Select a Range of Individual Cells