How To Open Microsoft Word


Session 1 –

Getting Familiar with Word

  1. Open Word

You can open Microsoft Word several ways; but I will only show you how to open Word from the All Programs area.

a. Go to the Start button of your desktop. That is the button which is located at the bottom left corner of your computer screen. See the diagram below:

microsoft word open 1


b. Left Click on the Start button and it will open up the following screen:

microsoft word open 2


c. Scroll your computer mouse up to the word ‘Programs’ and the following screen will come up:

microsoft word open 3


d. Carry your mouse across to the words Microsoft Office, you will then have a drop down box come up on your screen revealing all the Microsoft office programs you have stored in your C drive:

microsoft word open 4


e. Carry your mouse across and down to the words ‘Microsoft Word 2010’ (as shown below) and left-click on it.

microsoft word open 5


f. A new Microsoft Word Document will appear on your desktop.

microsoft word open 6


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