How to Obtain Hosting

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In this video above or in the text and diagrams below, you would see how to obtain hosting for just a penny.  

The hosting company I recommend you go with is hostgator; and you can simply go to You will come to the following screen:

how to obtain hosting from hostgator 05

Click on the yellow button which state: ‘View Web hosting Plans’

You will be taken to the screen you see below:

how to obtain hosting 13

You can start with the first plan on the left, which is Hatchling Plan

Under the Hatchling Plan section – Click on the downarrow next to the words ‘Starting at $3.96/mo’

A list of options will appear on the screen, as seen in the diagram below

how to obtain hosting 15

Click on the monthly option $7.16 a month, as seen in the diagram above, and then click the yellow ‘Order Now’ button

The following screen will then appear when you do

how to obtain hosting 18

Next, if you already have your own domain – Click on ‘I already own this domain’ (as seen in the diagram above) and put in whatever your domain is.

Then scroll down (see diagram below), you’re going to add your username and your security pin – so you could say ‘john smith’, and then enter your Security Pin.

After that you will enter in your billing details in the section titled: Please enter your billing information.

You will enter in your information for your billing. and then Click on ‘PayPal’ if you are going to pay by PayPal, or you can tick in the small circle next to the words: ‘Credit Card’, if you are going to pay by credit card. 

how to obtain hosting 23

But before you submit this information for payment, scroll down your screen, you will find there are 2 option/features already checked off for you. Just unchecked these 2 options: Add SiteLock and Add CodeGuard.

how to obtain hosting 34

Then, as I mentioned to you before – we have got a special way to get hosting for only one penny. And what it is, is to simply copy and paste right here in the coupon code section the code: educationforall (see the diagram below or watch the video above) and you click validate and now you total bill goes all the way down to just one penny.

how to obtain hosting 47

So all you have to do now is click I have read and agree to the terms and create account and that’s it.

Now what will happen is – you will get an email (once you’ve finished your payment) from hostgator saying ‘here’s your welcome information including your nameservers and in one of the earlier videos we showed you how to set up your DNS which is technically your nameservers. that’s where you would get that information from.

So that’s it for the video, see you on the next one.

Lesson 3: How to Set DNS