How to move a table in Microsoft Word

1. Place your mouse over any part of the table – A 4-headed arrow will appear at the top left-hand corner of your table.

2. Click on the 4-headed arrow and drag the entire table where you want it in your document.

move a table in word - diagram 1



3. I have clicked on the 4-headed arrow and dragged it to where you can see the dotted box below – Once I release the left button on the compute mouse, the table would move from above(in the diagram,below) to where the dotted rectangle is. 

move a table in word - diagram 2



4. You can also cut and paste the entire table after clicking on the 4-headed arrow – Press Ctrl + X on your computer keyboard…locate the place in your document where you want to put the table, then press Ctrl + V on your computer keyboard to paste the table in its new location.


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