Like it or not, money is essential to live in our time. Without it, you would be struggling to live a comfortable life. This is why we should learn how to make money, how money operates, they systems which governs money, the cycle of money, the true value of money and a whole lot more.

This are article will touch on some of these aspects, but not all as yet. 

Here are 8 Reasons why You should learn how to make money:


  1. You live in a civilized world which is governed by Money.


  1. You need money to use as a tool in exchange for goods and services.


  1. Most people go to work every day to earn money in exchange for giving their time, expertise and energy to an employer. They usually do this for most of their youthful years till retirement age, never allowing themselves to explore other means of generating a full-time income without working for an employer as an employee on a job. When would they allow themselves the chance to discover and use other methods of generating income?

Or better yet, when would you allow yourself to do other legitimate things to make money?


  1. Money answers most of the problems we experience in our lives. Even King Solomon stated in the book of Ecclesiastes that “…money answers all things.”


  1. We can help the less fortunate more.


  1. We can do a lot of good in the world.


  1. We can help our family and relatives do what they need to get done, be what they would like to be, and have what they need to have.


  1. It has been said that at least 90% of our thoughts per day are directly or indirectly about money – about not having enough money or needing more money. When we know how to make money almost at will – we can now focus the majority of our thoughts and energy on other worthwhile things.


The above are just a few reasons why we need to know how to make money.

Now, for the part you have been anxiously waiting and looking for: “How To Make Money.”


Here are 2 ways to Make Money Offline:

  • Offer to cut people’s lawns. The average cost for cutting, trimming, weeding and treating people’s lawns can range from $200 – $300. U.S.

The benefits of this money-making method are People usually need their lawns maintained at least once every month.

This is a great way of generating reliable, monthly revenue for yourself.

Think about it:

You just need to do 10 people’s lawns a month to make $2,000. – $3,000. U.S.

Do one lawn a day or 30 per month, and you would be pocketing $6,000. – $9,000. U.S.  per month.


  • The second idea is similar to the first, only this has to do with providing cleaning services for inside the home.

This is a service I had been providing for people in my district since my preteen years to the time I left my job to open my own cleaning company.

I was never short of work. I always had work available to do. Companies and Individuals needed my cleaning services.

Cleaning services also generate monthly revenues because a lot of companies and people need to have someone do the cleaning for them, every day, week or month.

The above ways are simple offline ways to earn recurring income every month, income which you can afford to budget, invest and financially plan around.

You don’t have to try to find some far-out idea to make money when the above simple money-making methods will work.


Here are a few Ways How To Make Money Online:


  • Offer your expertise on sites which exchange services for cash.


  • Start a Blog – There are people who are presently generating over $5,000. To $200,000. U.S. and more per month. For guidance, you can check out my article  ‘How To Start A Blog’.


  • Teach Online – You can teach English Online or you can create your own online course which you can teach from your website. 


There are hundreds and thousands of ways to make money but it will make no sense for me to list all these for you because you will feel overwhelmed and when you do, more than likely you would not know which money-making way to implement and therefore do nothing about these ideas shared here. 

When someone has all these options to choose from they become confused, not knowing where to start or which one will work for them, and so they jump from one idea to the next because they want to see fast results – they want to get quick money. But this is not how it works. 

I have purposely listed 2 major Offline ways you can make money, and 3 Online Ways you can make Money – Choose one and action it. You will see the results. 

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