How to insert and remove a section break in Word 2007 – 2010

Section breaks enables you to add different headers, footers, margins, page numbers, etc. to different sections of your document.

To add a section break

Place the cursor of your mouse where you want to start a new section

1. Click the ‘Page Layout’ tab

2. Click the ‘Breaks’ button – The Breaks gallery will appear on your screen offering several ‘Breaks’ options

3. Click on the option you want to apply. I clicked on the ‘Next Page’ Break option

(See the diagram below)

Word will move all the data after the section break to the next page

How to Insert a Section Break


If you want to delete a section break – click the draft button on the status bar – this will cause the section break lines in your document to be displayed on your screen

Click on the Section Break line

Then click the ‘delete button.

See Diagram below:

how to insert and delete a page break


To return to the default view in Microsoft Word, Click on the ‘Print Layout’ view on the ‘Status Bar’.

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