How to Indent Paragraphs

1. Select the text you want to indent

2. Under the ‘Home’ tab, go the ‘Paragraph Group’ and click the small arrow called the ‘dialog box launcher’, as shown in the diagram below.

3. The paragraph dialog box will appear on your screen. See the diagram below.

How to indent paragraphs


4. Under the ‘Indentation’ Section – Change the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Indents to the indents you want for the selected paragraph. I changed mines to 1” for ‘Left’ indent and 0.5” for ‘Right’ indent.

Click the ‘OK’ button

See diagram below

how to indent paragraphs in Word



5. For additional indentation – Click the down-arrow in the box under the ‘Special’ section and choose and option. You have 3 options available: No Indent, First line Indent and Hanging Indent.

  • No Indent is self-explanatory
  • First line Indent is indenting just the first line of the selected paragraph
  • Hanging Indent is indenting all the lines in the paragraph excepting the first line.

In the box under the ‘By’ section type in or use the up  and down arrows to set how many inches you want to make your ‘First line’ or ‘Hanging’ indent. I chose the ‘First line’ indent and under the ‘By’ section I made that indent 0.5”.

Click the ‘Ok’ button

Word applies your changes.

how to indent paragraphs in Word - 3



See my results in the diagram below.

how to indent paragraphs in Word 2010


Click anywhere outside your selected text to continue working.

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