How to have a Clean and Organized Home


What is organising?


One of the meanings of the word ‘Organise’ is: To arrange systematically, to put in order, to sort out, to put straight.




Have you ever went to the dentist office and notice while you were sitting in the reception area waiting to be attended to, that the magazines placed there for patients to read while they wait, were out of order and disorganised…scattered across the table with no order? Did you ever try to organise them – put them in order?


I did; on several occasions.


That is an example of what it means to organise. But what should you organise – what are the things which are out of order, in disarray in your life, which needs organising?


It could be:


  1. Your studies
  2. Your grades
  3. Your room
  4. Your book-bag
  5. A bookshelf
  6. Your wardrobe
  7. Your exams
  8. Your yard at home


There are several things that you may need to organise in your life, which I may not have mentioned; but you are aware of them – Organise them.


Years ago, I use to clean peoples’ homes, yards, library, etc., for a living; later on, I had to organise the filing room as a filing clerk for a major company. I understand what it means to organise. This is what I had to do for people and companies – put in order their house, yard, office, library, etc. to earn money.


One of the deterrents to organising which you may face is: The volume of work which you may have to do now, to organise things which you had left unattended for some time, which is in disarray and accumulating dust.


The benefits of organising are:


  1. Peace of Mind.
  2. Stress-free living.
  3. You feel happier.
  4. You feel cleaner.
  5. You feel proud to have others see the results of your organising.
  6. You could find things with your eyes closed.
  7. Once you get the clutter out of your life – you  would experience a feeling of freedom. 
  8. You feel more productive.
  9. Enjoyment – you find things which you had forgotten you had.

I remember this happened to me, years ago, when I decided to do some cleaning in a bedroom at home, and found hundreds of dollars which I had put in an envelope and forgotten all about – Where it was or that it even existed.

  1. You feel calmer.
  2. You don’t get things unless you really need them.
  3. You could make a business out of organising, like I did, by selling your organising services to those who need to have organising done at their home, office, etc., but don’t have the time to do it.


How to organise:


  • Identify what needs organising, first.
  • Create a To-Do List / Plan – On this list or plan, you will write down all which needs organising, in the order of importance.
  • Schedule a specific amount of time to organise each task.
  • Pace yourself. If it is plenty cleaning and organising you have to do, plan to do a specific amount each day, until you have completed your organising list.
  • Locate items which are still good but which you are not using. Give them away to someone who would need and use them.
  • Get rid of stuff that is not good, but only gathering space and dust.
  • Make sure you tie a kerchief over your nose or wear a dusk mask, when organising.


Things you may need when organising:


  • A cloth to clean away dust
  • A scoop to pick up dust or paper
  • A dusk mask or kerchief
  • Gloves (optional)
  • A broom
  • A mop (if you have to mop floors)
  • Dustbin or Garbage bag/s
  • Boxes or bags (optional) to put unused books or items in.
  • Other items / tools not listed here, but may need.


What you can do with things you find when organising, which are still good, but you are not using them and don’t need them?


  • Give them to the Red Cross
  • Give them to others who need them
  • Sell them like people do in a garage sale


Without organising chaos and clutter would rule.


Be organised.



Things to do:

Identify three (3) areas which needs organising in your life, right now, and schedule a specific day and time when you would organise them.

Things to think about:

If organising helps to bring order and clarity to one’s life – Don’t you think you should get busy organising?

Questions to answer:


  1. Name five (5) items you may need when organising?
  2. How would you go about organising a bedroom at your home which needs organising?
  3. What are the benefits of organising?