Are you seeking for Small Business Ideas and are lost – You don’t know what to do – You don’t know how to get a business idea?

If this is you – I have Great News for you!

You don’t have to come up with any original idea of your own.

There are presently thousands of businesses which are operational and profitable, right now, using ideas which already existed.

They didn’t start their business with an original idea.

They simply took what successful ideas which already existed, and copied it by adding a slight twist of their own.

What do I mean by this?

Let me give you an example to explain:

How many different car manufacturers do you know – Was Henry Ford the first person who made the automobile?

Was he the first person who ever made an automobile?

No he wasn’t.

He took an idea which was already proven and successful and he copied it by adding something extra to it.


Henry Ford

He did 2 things: Firstly, he built a car which was affordable for the average person to purchase; and secondly, he created a system which was able to mass-produce the car – something which has been copied and used in several companies today: The Assembly Line.

And even this assembly line system was an idea Henry Ford got when he saw the disassembly lines used for meat-processing at: Armour and Swift meat packing plants.

He made cheap cars using a mass-production system, and by providing cheap cars for people at a rate which could have matched the demand – he became a billionaire.

Now, please note, we are not encouraging you to blatantly rip-off someone else’s copyright, Trademark or Patented work.

We are just saying that you can take an idea which already exists and use it by adding, taking away or combining something to it, to start your own business.


Frederick Smith

Frederick Smith

Frederick W. Smith, founder of FedEx Express also did the same.

He copied an idea (Delivering mails to peoples’ home) and added something to it, to create a dynamic, multibillion dollar company.

Delivering mails and packages to peoples’ home was something which was already operational before FedEx Express was born.

Post Offices to deliver mails were already existing, worldwide; Frederick Smith just added something to it: Speed – Ensuring customers got their mails and packages delivered faster to them.

Notice in the Henry Ford and Frederick Smith did not violate any copyright, trademark or patent, when they did this. Make sure you are not, if you decide to take this path. And how about Fast Food – how many different fast food companies do you know?

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

Was KFC the first person to ever sell fried chicken – Was his idea an original idea, which no one knew about at the time or did they already have people making and selling fried chicken and fast food back in those days?

My friend, we can go on and on, but we think you know what we mean.

The point is: Thousands of Small Business Ideas are already around you – You don’t need to search for an original idea. Just ethically use what is already there – Adding your own twist to it.


Things to do to use existing “Small Business Ideas” or to Get an Idea:

  1. Don’t be overwhelm by how many business ideas which are presently operational, and which you have available to you, right now. And don’t go jumping from idea to idea like a kangaroo – Narrow things down. Choose one idea and work on it till it is completed.
  2. Implement the steps outlaid, here: Discover 12 Steps to Accomplishing Any Purpose, Dream or Goal 3.

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