How to freeze columns

If you want to freeze a column or columns on your worksheet, scroll the column/s you want to freeze

1. Place the pointer of your mouse over the vertical split bar – it will change to this four-headed-arrow 4

2. When it does, hold down the left button on your computer mouse and drag  to the right edge of the column you want to freeze, then release the left button of your computer mouse.


Excel will divide the Worksheet into two vertical panes.

3. Next, click on the ‘View’ tab – see the diagram below.

4. Then click on the ‘Freeze Panes’ command – A drop down dialogue box will appear with 3 options.

A drop down dialogue box will appear

5. Choose the ‘Freeze Panes’ command

How to freeze a column - 2

Excel will freeze the panes.

To unfreeze the panes

6. Click on the ‘View’ tab again

7. Next, click on the Freeze Panes command

8. Then, click on the ‘Unfreeze Panes’ command.

If you no longer wishes your screen to be spilt into two, click on the ‘View’ tab, then click on the ‘Split’ command.

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