How to find, edit and delete Footnotes or Endnotes

Finding Footnotes or Endnotes:

Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard, then press the ‘Home’ keys on your keyboard. This will take you to the beginning of your document.

1. Click the ‘References’

edit footnote - 1


2. Click the down arrow at the side of ‘Next Footnote’. A drop-down list will appear with different footnote options.

3. Choose the option you require by clicking on it

4. Depending on the option you chose, Word would move the insertion point to either the next or previous Footnote or Endnote.

edit-footnote-endnote - 2

 Find-edit footnote-endnote - 4


Editing or Deleting Footnotes or Endnotes:

Find the Footnote / Endnote reference number you want to edit

[To find Endnotes faster, simply hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard and press the ‘End’ key on your keyboard. Microsoft Word will move the insertion point straight to the end of your document.]

5. Click on ‘Draft View’

Find-edit-footnote-endnote - 5


6. Click the ‘Show Notes’ button

Find-edit-footnote-endnote - 6


7. The footnotes pane will appear on your screen displaying your footnotes – You can change or delete your footnotes and endnotes here.

Find-edit footnote-endnote - 7


8. When you are finished with editing or deleting your footnotes or endnotes – Click the ‘Print Layout’ view to continue working on your document. See the diagram below.

9. Click the small ‘X’ arrow to close the ‘Footnotes’ pane. Refer to the following Diagram

Find-edit footnote-endnote - 9



10. Click the ‘Print Layout’ View button

Find-edit footnote-endnote - 10


11. As you can see below – Word has changed our footnote to read what we edited it to read: ‘Changed footnote’.

Find-edit footnote-endnote - 11




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