1. Click the ‘Outline’ tab


Click on the right of the first icon under the ‘Outline’ tab

 how to enter content in an outline


2. Begin to type what you want to appear on your slide – as you type you will notice that the words you are typing are also appearing on your slide as a header. When you are done, Press the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard.


When you do, you will notice that Powerpoint has created another slide and icon for you to enter content. See the diagram below.

 how to enter content in an outline - diagram 2


3. Type the info. you want on your second slide, then press ‘Enter’, then press the ‘Tab’ key on your keyboard –  The insertion point would have moved below the second slide and to the right, representing the first bullet on your second slide. See the next diagram.


Type what you want as your first bullet on the second slide, then press ‘Enter’ key, your insertion point automatically moves down to the next line, creating your second bullet…

 how to enter content in an outline - diagram 3


4. To create another slide, simply press the ‘Shift’ key plus the ‘Enter’ key on your computer keyboard.

how to enter content in an outline - diagram 4


Lesson 12: How to move slides in an Outline in PowerPoint