How to delete data from a range

1. First, select the range which you want to delete, see the diagram below

2. Click on the ‘Home’ tab

3. Then click on the ‘Clear’ command

A drop down box will appear

4. Select the ‘Clear Contents’ command

Or ‘Clear All’ if you want to delete all the data in the selected range and its formatting.

How-to-delete-data-from-a-range - 1


Excel will perform the delete action for you.

5. If you deleted the data by mistake and wanted to restore it, if it was the most recent command you performed you can click on the ‘Undo’ command on the Quick Access Toolbar or click on the down-arrow next to the ‘Undo’ command on the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’

6. Then select the ‘Clear’ command

Excel will restore the data for you.

Lesson 21: How to delete a range