How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Slides are used daily to teach lessons, create illustrations, provide training for employees, share statistical data, etc.

1. Open PowerPoint – You will be presented with a screen like the one below. You will see 2 boxes: ‘Click to Add Title’ and ‘Click to Add Subtitle’.

create a presentation diagram 1


PowerPoint has pre-made templates and designs you can choose from without having to create your own.

In this lesson, we will be showing you how to apply a pre-made template. In the next lesson, we will show you how to apply a pre-made design.


How to Create a Presentation using a Pre-made Template:


2. Click the ‘File’ tab

Click the ‘New’ button – See below

create a presentation - diagram 2


3. Click ‘Sample Templates’ – see below



4. A gallery of Pre-made templates will show up (see diagram below) – Click the Design you want to use, 

5. Then click the ‘Create’ button.

create a presentation - diagram 4


See the results below. PowerPoint has included all the slides associated with the pre-made template you chose.

create a presentation - diagram 5


6. You can put the information you want in the pre-made slides by clicking in the box with text, deleting the info. that is there, and tying pin your own.

To put or change pictures in your slide,

7.  Click on the slide where you want to put or change a picture. If you chose a pre-made template ‘Click on the picture you want to change, then press the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard. The picture will be deleted. To insert a new picture in the blank space, click the small icon on the slide, see below.

create a presentation - diagram 6



8. The ‘Insert Picture’ box will appear

9. Locate and click on the picture you want to insert on the slide

Click the ‘Insert ‘ tab


PowerPoint includes your picture on the slide.

create a presentation - diagram 8

To launch or play your presentation as a show:

When you have completed the changes you need to make to all your slides and you are ready to play your presentation as a show – 

A. Click the ‘Slide Show’ tab

B. Then click ‘From Beginning’ button

See the diagram below

how to create slide show


PowerPoint will launch your show

how to create slide show 2



Lesson 3: How to Add a Slide in PowerPoint