How to change the text case


What is text case?

In short, it has to with Capital and Common letters of your text.

You find the command to change the case of your text under the Home tab in the Font Group.

See the diagram below to locate the ‘Change Case’ command on the ribbon.

To change the case of your text

1.  First, select the text

2.  Next, click the ‘Change Case’ command

A drop down list of options will appear, offering 5 change case options: (See the diagram below)


1.  Sentence Case – Only the first letter of the first word is a capital letter the rest of letters in the sentence are common letters, excepting for pronouns.

2.  lower case – all the letters are common letters


4.  Capitalise Each Word – Only The First Letter Of Each Word Is Capitalised

5.  tOGGLE cASE – Capitalizes the sentence but uncapitalize the beginning word, for example:John was late for Soccer Fiesta. Would become:   jOHN WAS LATE FOR sOCCER fIESTA.




To change the text case of your selected text – Click on anyone of the above options and Word will apply the change case you chose.


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