How to Change the Row Height

1.  Select the range whose row height you want to change.

Change the Row Height

2. Click the Home tab – then under the ‘Cells’ Group – Click the Format command – A drop down list will appear on your screen. (See the diagram below)

Change the Row Height - 2

3. Click the ‘Row Height’ command – When you do, the ‘Row Height’ dialog box will appear on your screen.

Enter the height you want into the Row Height text box – see the diagram below.

Change the Row Height - 3

4. Click ‘OK’.

Excel would have change the row height for you

Change the Row Height - 4


You can also change the row height by carrying the pointer four-headed-arrow - 3 of your mouse over the bottom edge of the row heading, then holding down the left button on your computer mouse – Drag downwards…Your row height will start changing when you do.  Release the left button on your computer mouse when you are satisfied with the change in your row height.


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