How to change the Font in Word


What is the font?

The font is simply the style of text (the shape of the letters, their size, spacing of the letters, etc.) you want to use when typing in your Word document.

There are several types of fonts for you to choose from in MS Word…

To change the Font of your text

1. Select the text whose font you want to change

how to change font in word

2. Click on the Home tab

To the top left hand corner of the Font Group you will find a rectangular box with a small drop down arrow next to it – this is the Font face command.

3. Click on the small drop down arrow

When you do a list of all the fonts stored on your version MS Word will appear on the screen

See the diagram below

how to change the font in word - 2

4. Position your mouse over any one of those fonts and MS Word will allow you to see a Preview of how they will look in your document.

See the diagram below

how to change the font in word - 3

5. To use any font you want, click on it

Word will change the text in your document to the desired font you chose.

Tip: You can also use the mini-toolbar to change the font of your text.

Click here for the mini toolbar lesson

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