How to Change Text Color


First, select the text whose color you want to change

Click on the ‘Home’ tab

Next, under the ‘Font Group’, click the down arrow next to the ‘Font Color’ Command. See the diagram below.


You will be presented with 3 major color options (see the diagram above):


1.  Theme Colors – You can click a theme color to apply to your select text, and Word will apply the color for you.


2.  Standard Colors – If you choose, you can apply a Standard Color to your selected text, and Word will apply the color you chose for you.


3.  More Colors – Or you can choose to create a Custom Color to apply to your selected text.


If you want to apply a custom color – Click on the more colors button and the following screen will appear on your desktop (see the diagram below – )

How-to-Change-Text-Color 2


A Color dialog box will appear with Standard and Custom Color options

To choose a Standard color (see the diagram below)

Click any color on the Hexagon presented to you

Or you can Click the Custom tab and click the color you want (see the diagram below – the dialog box with the ‘Color Control’ was inserted into the diagram below to save on space, but you can get it to show up by clicking on the ‘Custom Color tab’)

Then use the control to set a customized color

After that, Click the OK button

How-to-Change-Text-Color 2


Word will apply the color effects for you.


Tip: You can also change the color of text using the ‘Mini Toolbar’. Go to Lesson 5 – The Mini Toolbar for info. about the mini toolbar and how to use it. 

Lesson 30: How to apply Text Effects