How to change Text Color and Style in PowerPoint

1. Select the text by clicking and dragging across it. Click this link to find out how to select text:


2. Under the ‘Home’ tab – Click the down-arrow next to the font color button. A color palette will appear on your screen. Choose the color you want to apply to your selected text by clicking on it.

We changed our selected text color in the diagram below to Green. What did you changed yours to?


how to change color of selected text in powerpoint - diagram 3


Lesson 6: How to change text font and size in PowerPoint


Please Note: To apply other formatting of text or its style in PowerPoint, go to the following links, below. They would lead you to some MS Word training lessons, which cover these subjects. Microsoft Office use similar steps when it comes to formatting text in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Click on the links below, which covers the subjects of Editing and Formatting Text. You can use the same steps to edit and format text in PowerPoint.

Editing Text:

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Formatting Text:

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