How to change Font colors in Excel

1.Select the range you want to apply font colors to

2. Click the Home tab

3. Click the down arrow next to the Font color command (see diagram below)

How to change Font colors

A drop down list of colors will appear featuring 3 groups of colors to choose from: Theme Colors, Standard Colors and More Colors

4. Click on the color you want to apply

If you want to apply a custom color

5. Click on the more colors button

A Color dialog box will appear with Standard and Custom Color options

To choose a Standard color (see the diagram below)

How to change Font colors - 2

6. Click any color on the Hexagon Color chart presented to you

Or you can Click the Custom tab and click the color you want (see the diagram below)

Then use the control to set a customized color

How to change Font colors - 3

7. After that, Click the OK button

Excel will apply the color effects for you.

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