how to attract a manHow do you Attract a man?

I have used the divine law below to attract my own wife, even when she was not in the slightest way interested in me and had shown and voiced it to me and others. 

And you too, can use the same divine law to attract the man or woman or husband or wife you want. 





Here is The Foundation for this Success:


The secret to success in any venture in life is all hinged on one virtue – Whether you desire to have your own husband or wife, business, home, children, or to add people or members to your group or organization.


That priceless virtue is: Belief or what is more commonly called: Faith.


What is belief?


Belief consists of two ingredients:


  • Words – Yours and others – External and Internal


  • Pictures – External & Internal


Your beliefs were and are built upon the words you received and are receiving, and the pictures you meditate on internally – Everyday.

wordsYour life right now Is a product of your beliefs; which consists of the words you have received and are repeating daily, internally & externally; and the pictures you meditate on in your spirit.

Do you understand what I’m saying here?

Okay, to put it in simpler terms, for example:

If you were told as a child that you would never amount to anything, you are stupid, you are just like your father (no good), you are ugly. Then those are the words which would govern your thinking and the decisions you make concerning your progress and future.

And every time you try to better yourself – Those words will resurface from your spirit and try to harness and stop you from going forward.

So if you are struggling financially, relationally, physically, emotionally, materially, intellectually today – Check your beliefs – the words you hear in your spirit and the pictures you see inside you everyday.


After Lisa broke-up with her boyfriend of four years, she felt it was too difficult to form another relationship.

“Roger, I don’t feel I could go through having to spend time getting to know someone new, again”.

“I feel discouraged every time I think about it. I feel I would remain single and not get married”.


Bob had grown depressed after continually trying (without success) to meet someone who genuinely loves and appreciates him for who he is.

He sadly said to me:

“I’ve tried everything, Roger and nothing seems to work. I feel so discouraged”.



What You See Outwardly Has Been Produced By What You Believe Inwardly
















“I don’t even feel like trying to meet my soulmate, again”.

“It’s useless”.

“What’s the point?”


I’ll tell you in a moment, Bob. But first:


If you are still reading this tutorial would you do something for me?


  • Could you picture, yourself and your Dream lover snuggled up to each other on a cozy veranda bench at the back of your home…enjoying the setting sun together?


  • Can you imagine yourself attracting a beautiful young lady / a handsome guy who wants to seriously form a relationship with you?


  • Can you visualize yourself meeting the ideal man or woman who is totally compatible with you?


  • Could you picture yourself enjoying one of the most romantic moments – Walking down the aisle of a church with your ‘Dream-Lover’, about to enthusiastically say, “I do”?


My friends, you can experience all of the above and more.

Does this sound unbelievable to you?

Read on, and you’ll discover even more.


Your inner world – what is happening on the inside of you – affects your outer world.

What you see outwardly has been produced by what you believe inwardly.

If your outer world is not what you want – don’t be afraid. Your outer world is not irrevocable – You can change your outer world by changing what you believe in your inner world.

But before a change of circumstances can take place in your social life, you need to first change your mindset.

Change the thoughts you are thinking.

Change the negative imaginations you are allowing to pervade your mind.


belief turn dreams into reality


















You may not know this, but we are always sending out vibes around us.

Some people call it ‘aura’. I call it creating an ‘atmosphere’.


My friends, what atmosphere are you creating?

What signals are you consciously and unconsciously sending out?

Is it a needy and desperate one?

Is it one which conveys a lack of confidence?

Is it one which says you have a very poor self-esteem?

Is it one that says I am unlovable?

Is it one which says, “How can anyone love me? I don’t have…I am not…I cannot…etc.”


My friends, depending on what signals you are transmitting, you can either draw people to you, in this case: The Right Man or Woman, or you can dissuade someone from even wanting to know you.


Which will it be: Attraction or Detraction?


Belief is one of the most Powerful Forces in the Universe, with it you can accomplish anything.

Nothing will be impossible to you.


Jesus Christ Himself said in the Book of Matthew 17:20

…if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, ‘Remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove’.


But there is one condition to this promise: If you have faith.


My friends, all of us have faith.

Everyday you exercise faith – Faith for either positive or negative things to come to pass in your life.

Faith is simply acting upon what you believe.

What do you believe?


You Will Only Get What You Believe – Nothing More, Nothing Less


Exactly what you believe is what you will have.

When you believe what you believe, it affects three (3) areas of your life:


  1. Your Thoughts / Imaginations
  2. Your Words
  3. Your Actions


The Lifestyle You Are Presently Living is the Identical Product of Your Beliefs


What kind of life do you have, right now?

Is it one you totally enjoy or one you completely dread?

Would you like to have a better life?

Well, if you do not like the lifestyle you are living, there’s only one way to replace it – Change Your Beliefs. For when you have changed your Beliefs, you would have changed your lifestyle.


How do you change your Beliefs?

Your beliefs – the way you believe, have been formed by the words you have heard or read during your life.




Words Are The Building Blocks For Beliefs

If the words you have been exposed to from family, friends, relatives, co-workers, books, television, radio, C.D. etc. etc. etc. are negative words – Words, which does not build your confidence or self-esteem – your Beliefs would be negative. You will think very poorly of yourself. You will not believe that you can have the woman or man of your Dreams.


And do you know what?


You won’t.


Because you will only have what you believe you can have. You will only accomplish what you believe you can accomplish. You will only get what you believe you will get.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

If not, maybe this true story will help.


One day, I asked Allison, how she and her husband got married.

She told me,

“Roger, I never liked John (her husband), when I first met him, you know”.

“It’s he who had seen me and liked me. And every time he saw me, he would confidently say to me, “I am going to get married to you. You are going to marry me, Allison”.


“Boy, you crazy or what?”

“I not going to marry you”.

“This is what I told him”.

“But you know what, Roger? After awhile I began to develop feelings for him. And well, the rest is history – We got married”.


Why am I sharing this with you?

Because my friends, you will only have what you firmly believe you can have.

But where does belief come from in the first place?


Belief begins with the words you received from outside mediums. These affect the thoughts you think and the thoughts you think affect the words you speak and the words you speak affect the actions you take.

So if you’re presently having what you don’t want to have, you must first change the words you are receiving from the outside. And when you begin thinking thoughts of confidence, it will affect the words you speak and your thoughts and the words you speak, will change the actions you take, and you will have the life you deserve.


Listen my friends; you can have the guy or girl of your dreams. Just change your beliefs from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can and I will’.

David of the bible was one who thought he was not good enough to marry King Saul’s daughter, Michal.

And this is mainly because he held the most menial occupation at the time – He as a shepherd. He was not even considered by his own family members.

In fact, these are some of the words he spoke when King Saul offered him his daughter’s hand in marriage after he killed Goliath.

“…And David said, Seemeth to you a light thing to be the King’s son in law, seeing that I am a poor man and lightly  esteemed?”


Examine the words I’ve highlighted in this scripture:

‘Seeing I am a poor man and lightly esteemed’.

David didn’t think much of himself. He suffered from a low self- esteem, especially when he was in the presence of royalty.

He did not feel he was good enough for King Saul’s daughter, because he was a poor man. He didn’t have money to offer the King as a dowry (gift) for his daughter. He saw himself as unworthy for such a prestigious position: The King’s Son-in-Law.


Do you feel the same way?

Do you see yourself in a similar fashion?

Do you want to get married, but you feel you don’t have anything of substance to offer a wife?

Are you a young woman who dreams of being married, but you feel you are not worthy of a husband?

Or maybe you feel no guy / girl would want you, because you are:

Short, thin, fat, not good looking, have small breasts, have a receding hairline or no hair at all, have a low-status job, don’t have your own home, don’t have enough money etc. etc. etc.

Probably you had past relationships which were sexually intimate and you feel if you share this with anyone who is interested in you, now – He will reject you. He will not understand. He will not want to see you again. He will lose his interest. He will not be able to handle it.

Ah! Do you see it now?

This is your mental and emotional block, my friend. If you continue to believe this, you will send out signals to any interested woman / man, which shouts:


“I am not good enough for you. I don’t have a high-paying job to take care of you. I cannot give you the things in life to make you comfortable…..I am not beautiful enough…”


There you have it:

“I am not…”

“I don’t have…”

“I cannot…”


These damaging sentence-openers are steps to your downfall.

Your destructive beliefs have caused you to lose the battle before you even entered the war.


Change the way you speak – From negative to positive.

Learn a new language – a fresh way of speaking.


So my advice to you is:


  1. Don’t mediate on words which are stumbling blocks to progress in your life.


  1. Stop feeding on words (whatever form they come in: books, tapes, radio, friends, family members ¼) which have created a negative mindset in you.


  1. Associate with people who will deposit positive words within you.


  1. Find and meditate on words which are positive and supportive of a healthy self-esteem.


  1. Visualize yourself already enjoying what you are believing for. If you are believing for a husband – See yourself already married.


Could you see it now? Could you feel his arm embracing you around your shoulder as you saunter from store to store window shopping?


Friends, this is another mistake David made, he saw himself not worthy to be the King’s son-in-law.

How do you see yourself?

Use your imaginations to see yourself already possessing what you desire to have.

Visualize yourself already having it.

If it is a husband you want – Imagine yourself walking down the aisle with him…


( Use your imaginations to create the world you desire )


Believe it or not, it works!

In fact, it is presently working in your life and you’re not even aware of it.

You have to visualize yourself meeting that model person, first, before you actually do.

You have to imagine yourself finding that special someone who truly loves you for who you are, first, and then you will.

‘Seeing is Believing’, it is said. And this is true. But not the way you think.


Let me explain what I mean.

When you have a consistent, continuous mental picture (inner sight) of what you desire – You will have what you see.

What is the purpose of your imaginations and where did they come from?

Your imaginations come from your spirit. It’s the eyes of your spirit. Its purpose is to manifest your Dreams to the natural world. All you can see in the natural world is a manifestation of the imaginations of someone’s spirit.

What images flood your mind throughout the day?

Think about it.

Are you ready to answer me, now?

Is it images of not being able to meet someone who would love you for who you are?

Is it images of getting older and still being unable to get married?

Words form Your Beliefs and Your beliefs give birth to your Imaginations, and Your Imaginations are Your Dreams in its Embryonic stage.

But just like there is a gestation period for a child to leave its mother’s womb and be born into this world, even so, there is a gestation period for your dreams to leave its embryonic stage (Your imaginations) and be materialized in the natural world, for all to see.

Friends, you have what you have presently because of your beliefs, spoken words and imaginations.

If you don’t like what you have, then change your beliefs, the words you speak and the imaginations you visualize and you will create what you do desire.

Brothers, I’m not telling you something I myself am not practicing.


In fact, it’s because of these very truths I got married to the woman of my dreams and the job I desired. And you can have the same, too.

These truths will work for anyone – Anyone who would believe and act upon them. And this means ‘You’. You who are suffering from a poor self-esteem and feel that nothing good could ever happen to you. You who think you are bad lucky.

There is no such thing as, ‘Bad Luck’- Only wrong beliefs.

This is your problem, miss. Wrong Beliefs is the culprit for your miserable life. So don’t point accusing fingers at anyone – Blame your ‘Stinking Beliefs’.




Repeat each of the following statements three (3) times, for at least twice a day. Afterwards, you can form your own positive confessions.

  • I am a loving person – God’s Love oozes out of me, Everyday


  • I am an attractive person – People are drawn to me wherever I go.


  • The woman/man of my dreams is attracted to me


  • I am getting married to the person who is perfectly suited for me.


Fellas, I’ve included a few pictures from my wedding at the close of this chapter, to confirm these Principles work – To prove you can possess what you believe you can.

Friends, do you know before I got married to my wife (Jeanne):


  • She wasn’t even looking in my direction (romantically), although we had known each other for several years


  • She showed no signs of romantic interests in me.


  • She told her friends (who made fun with her about me) that she will never marry me...that I was…(negative statements followed here which I will not repeat)


  • She told me she didn’t feel that way about me¼¼¼


My friends, when she responded like this, I didn’t think ill thoughts about her, even though I was tempted to. Or say bad things about her with others.

There is a proverb, which says, Curse not the king, not even in your thoughts…for a bird of the air shall carry the voice.


Ecclesiastes 10: 20

If you think awful about someone, they will pick it up. Your body language will betray you. You will give off vibes which loudly states you are holding something against him or her.


No! I remained calm. Because I knew in my spirit we were meant for each other and we were going to be married.

How did I respond?

I continued to treat her kindly. I continued to be there for her. I continued to speak comforting and encouraging words to her. I continued to pray for God’s blessings upon her.

Brothers, that was my public reaction to her, but, in the privacy of my apartment, I said:

how to attract a man“Jeanne, will be married to me – There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about that”

“She is going to fall so deeply in love with me, that she will never want to let me go”.

“I don’t care what I see with my natural eyes – jump high, jump low – Jeanne will be my wife”.

[ The pictures in the book cover on the left are pictures of myself and Jeanne on our wedding day. You can read all about it and more about this divine law by Clicking Here or on the book cover itself.]  


Those are just a few of the confessions I made, my friends.

And guess what?

They worked!!

Jeanne herself is still amazed when she reflects on what happened.

In fact, everyone was surprised. She (Jeanne) still feels this is some dream. And it is – It is my Dream made reality because of my belief.

This is how Powerful this Principle is, my friends. Never underestimate it.

It always delivers what it promises to deliver.


P.S. If You Know You Will Always Get What You Believe – What Will You Believe?