How Do You Attract A Man or Woman?

That’s simple, but it involves some work. Read below for the answer.

Follow The Wheat Example:

My friends, before we go directly to the ‘How to’ and ‘What to do’ to attract people to you: Male or female – we’ll first need to touch on a Universal Divine Principle. Because embedded in this Principle is the Secret to How to Attract & Win Hearts.

Follow me closely.

Do you know there is only one Principle or Law instituted by God to govern all of His creation – To control your Money, Relationships, how the earth functions……etc.?

Oh Yes!

All of creation – our environment, the seas, land animals, insects, mankind and even the innumerable galaxies are governed and controlled by just one principle or law.

What is this Principle?

This principle is called: The Principle of Seedtime and harvest.


My friends, God had specifically ordained this single Divine Principle:

  • To create order

Without this Principle or Law, things can go chaotic. For instance, if there were no laws to govern a country there’ll be mass confusion and disorder. And so this one Principle has been ordained by God to create order to our lives, homes, society, and everything around us.

  •  To provide for you
  •  To provide true justice. Don’t for one moment think that a criminal who appears to get off free from a crime he’s guilty of, has gotten off the hook. This Divine Principle is there to judge his actions (good or bad) and reward him accordingly.
  •  To protect you

As I mentioned earlier if there were no laws this world would be a very unsafe world to live in.

  • To serve as your guide – to help you make right decisions.

These are some of the benefits of this one Principle set up by God for us.


But I would like to also include some characteristics of this Principle which are very important for us to note, as well:

  • This principle of Seedtime & Harvest always follows a set pattern. It operates like clockwork – it follows the same order all the time, just like the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
  • This Principle Always Work. It will never fail you. This means if you follow its guidelines – You will always get the desired results – Over and Over again.
  • This Principle is totally reliable – You can depend on it. It will work whether you believe it or not.
  • This Principle will never lie to you – it will always tell the truth.
  • This Principle is guaranteed to fulfill its promises – You can be sure of that.
  • This Principle Always gives you the same results – time and time again. This is really encouraging to know. You will always reap what you sow.
  • This Principle has never and will never change – It will remain the same for all of time and Eternity.


In Genesis 8: 22 it states: While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

This verse of scripture clearly points out: There’s no getting around the influence and impact of this Principle of Seedtime & Harvest in our lives – It’s here to stay.

  • This Principle will not compromise to suit your selfish desires.
  • This Principle is ordained and managed by God – He backs it up all the way.
  • If you violate this principle, you will pay the consequences. There are consequences to breaking this principle. Just like when you violate this Principle in the environment by the pollution you give or release to our environment and reap a depleting ozone layer, and a chain of other destructive events which follow.

Friends, God have only created one Principle to govern His entire creation. Don’t be sidetracked by those who are teaching their own principles.

All other so-called principles, which have been taught, are nothing more than expressions or different forms, or manifestations of The Principle of Seedtime & Harvest, or what is commonly referred to as Sowing and Reaping.

The same key characteristics are present in them all – Giving and Receiving – whether we are talking about the environment, the human body, Physics, Chemistry etc.

In Physics it is stated this way: ‘To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Are you with me, still?

Great! You’ll be glad you stuck around for the journey. Get more info. below.


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