How to Add Watermarks in Word 2007, 2010, 2013

Watermarks usually appear very faintly behind the text in your document. To add a watermark to you document in Word:

1. Click the ‘Page Layout’ tab

how to add a watermark in word - diagram 1


2. Click the ‘Watermark’ button – Drop-down list will appear with a few pre-defined watermarks you can choose from – see the diagram below.

3. Click the Watermark you want to use – We clicked the ‘Confidential’ Watermark.

how to add a watermark in word - diagram 2


how-to-add-a-watermark-in-word-diagram - 3


Create a Customized Watermark

If you don’t find the watermark you want in the predefined watermarks in Word, you can create your own.

Repeat step 1 and 2 above

Then, Click the ‘Custom Watermark’ button. The ‘Printed Watermark’ dialog box will appear on your screen. You will have the option, now, to either create a Picture watermark or a Text Watermark.

how-to-add-a-watermark-in-word-diagram - 4


5. We are creating a text watermark, so we have clicked on the radio (circular) button to the left of ‘Text Watermark’.

6. Delete the text that is in the box  to the right of ‘Text’ and type the text you want there. We have changed our to read: Tutorial

how-to-add-a-watermark-in-word-diagram - 5


7. You can also change the font you want for your watermark, see diagram below.

how to add a watermark in word - diagram 7


You can also change the size of the font or color by Clicking the down-arrow next to each you wish to change and select the size of font or color you want to use.

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