How to add line numbers to documents in Microsoft Word

If you are a proofreader knowing how to add line number to documents can be extremely helpful. The lesson below is Part 1. 

Here’s how you do this:

1. Click anywhere in your document

2. Click the ‘Page Layout’ tab

how to add line numbers in word - 1



3. Click ‘Line Numbers’ – When you do a drop list will appear on the screen with 6 Line Numbering options (see diagram below):

  • None
  • Continuous
  • Restart Each Page
  • Restart Each Section
  • Suppress for Current Paragraph
  • Line Numbering Options

We have clicked the ‘Continuous’ Line Numbering Option. See the Diagram below

how to add line numbers in word - 2


This is the result:

how to add line numbers in word - 3


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