12 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams


Doing what you’ve always  wanted to do, but never did                             

Are you where you want to be in life now?

Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished so far? Are you happy doing the job you’re doing, living in the home you’re living in, driving the car you driving, making the kind of money you’re making?

Do you desire more?


If so, then this tutorial is definitely for you. It provides the building blocks to take you from where you are to where you want to be… to fulfill the Dreams which have been brooding in your heart for years.


There are twelve (12) basic steps you’ll need to take to achieve this, though.


1.  Determine what your Dream is. What is your dream? Do you want to become a doctor, lawyer, musician, Professional sportsman or sportswoman, start your own business, etc. etc? First pinpoint exactly what dream you want to fulfill.

2.  Secondly: Write it down. Have you written down your Dreams – Do you have it recorded on paper… stored in a safe place? Go for a notebook now, and begin recording what your dreams are. Drop everything and do it now!

3.  Believe. You will only accomplish in life what you believe you can. All things are possible to the person who believes. Are you a believer?

4.  Make positive affirmations. Before Chicken Soup authors: Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield accomplished their dream of becoming Mega Bestselling authors, they confessed religiously, everyday, for four hundred (400) times: Their book was a Mega Bestselling title, and today Chicken Soup for the Soul is. What are your confessions? Write them down. Speak them loud enough for you to hear them. Do this, daily, and as often as you can. There is a scripture, which states: Belief comes by hearing (by hearing words), and with belief, all things are possible.

5.  Devise a Plan. There is no achieving without a plan – No creation of any product or service without a plan. Just like you need to have a plan drawn, first, before you build a house, even so, you need a written plan, stating exactly how you are going to accomplish your dream. This would be your foundation to build your dream upon.

6.  Set reasonable Deadlines. If you don’t set deadlines to realizing your dream – You will Procrastinate – You will ‘dilly-dally’ and put-off fulfilling your dream to some indefinite future. “One day I will…” becomes your daily decree. But that one day will never come until you set a specific day, month and year, when you will do what you say you will do. Stop wasting your time. You’ve been only given a limited amount of it to fulfill your Dreams…to accomplish your goals. Use Time wisely. We are not the owners of time, simply the stewards.

7.  Acquire as much knowledge as you can from books, videos, DVDS, the Internet, schools, universities etc. etc. Study models. There are other people who are successfully doing what you desire to do – Study them. Success can be duplicated. Isolate the key elements, which have made these individuals and companies, a success. People are already doing or have done what you are now attempting to do. Learn from them. Purchase their books and products, and devour their teachings.

8.  Be persistent. Be tenacious. Be patient. You took nine (9) months in your mother’s womb before you were born. And even then, it took several years before you reached adulthood. Be patient when it comes to seeing your dreams come to pass. Continue to pursue your dream like you would search for water in the desert – With the same determination, drive, passion and thirst.

9.  Don’t give up if you encounter a few obstacles. Obstacles are really stepping stones to success. Because you bounced-up some obstacles in pursuing your dream, it doesn’t mean that your dream is wrong. It simply means your Dream is right, but the methods you chose to accomplish them, might be wrong. In such a case: Change or Revise your methods. But the easier thing to do would be to follow the examples of success around you.

10.  Avoid negative people. Negative people are individuals who have forfeit their dreams, and settled for the norm and traditional… they become envious and critical when they hear someone is pursuing their dreams. Avoid them like you would shun the plague.

11.  Don’t share your dreams with people who have no knowledge about this area you’re venturing into. Because they lack the experience, passion and knowledge of the dream you want to realize – They may discourage you, and paralyze you with their fears and unbelief. They may misunderstand you. They may pump you full of negative words. Give them general answers if they ask you what you’re doing with your life.

12.  Action your plans – Nothing will happen until you act. Don’t wait until everything is picture-perfect before you make deliberate movements to see your dreams materialize. Start now – Where you are and with what you have. Accomplishing your dreams is a journey. You must start it with the first step. But if you take baby steps, everyday, it would amaze you how much distance you’ve covered in time.

This is a short, to the point simple guide to help you realize any dream.