By Roger Ali Bocus,
Author and entrepreneur

left jobI worked at several companies during my life as an employee. This added up to  over 38 years of working for others…with me not pursuing my dreams…nor following my passions…the things that I loved to do even without pay, and could do it for hours upon hours with joy and enthusiasm.

My last place of work was at an oil refinery, though, where I worked for just over 20 years as a temporary, clerical worker.

As a temporary worker, I only worked for one month at a time with a one-month, no-pay break. This meant that I only worked for 6 months for the year with pay, and for 6 months I was unemployed without a salary.

Over the years, there were many empty promises from management there, that the company will make me permanent if I just hold on a little longer; but that holding on for a little longer continued till 20 years had quickly gone by with no permanent employment.

As a temporary, there were many disadvantages:

1. I could not get a loan without finding someone to stand full security for the loan; or having all the money I needed for the loan on a saving account upfront with the bank, before they would consider lending me money. But if I already have all the money I needed for a particular purpose, in my savings account, why would I want to borrow that sum from the bank, and then have to pay back the bank that money with interest?

2. When I was thinking about marriage, as a temporary worker, I was not a good prospect for young women who were looking for financial security and more. Probably you are in a similar position, now, and understand what I mean.  

3. As a temporary worker, I was treated with disrespect from some supervisors, managers, human resources department and some permanent workers.

4. As a temporary worker, I had to work harder than the permanent staff. Temporary workers were given the bulk of the work to do, since we were not considered on equal standing with permanent workers.

5. I did not like what I was doing, but was afraid to leave because I was fearful that I would not be able to quickly find another job, if I left them.

This all came to an unplanned end though, after my daughter was born in October of 2007…For over 5 consecutive months after her birth, when I came home from a grueling time at the job, from 7.00 a.m. until about 6.30 p.m. I took over from my wife – taking care of my daughter, and allowing my wife to get a chance to catch up on much-needed sleep, and have time-off to take care of herself, as well.  

However, my daughter had other things in mind: She did not go to sleep until the wee hours of the next morning at around 3.00 or 4.00 a.m., and I had to start getting ready for work at around 4.30 a.m. in the morning. This meant very little sleep for me…approx.. 30 - 45 minutes.

Then one day the unexpected happened after weeks of little sleep, my body just caved in and gave up the fight (fighting sleep).

I had just returned from lunch and was at the computer doing company work, when without warning, sleep started to overpower me. I felt my head slowly bowing in surrender to its call and was helpless to resist its power, until I butt the computer keyboard with my head. This jolted me awake, but not before a senior worker saw that, and went and reported me to my section head.

I was then called in and lectured for about 45 minutes, and warned not to fall asleep while on the job, again.

This caused me to do some serious introspection when I returned to the office.

“Imagine after 20 years of working for this company all I had in my savings account was $4.69. Prior to working for this company, I had $500.  in my savings account at the bank. Now after all these years, all I have was $4.69.”

“I have to do something about this…and do something quick. I now have a wife and a young baby, and a few years remaining until retirement age, if I continue like this nothing will change. I have to do something radical, and do it now.”

 I then took a writing pad from my desk and wrote a resignation letter, but did not submit it, yet.

After work, I went home and told my wife what happened and what I decided to do: Quit the Job.

She instantly gave me her approval and encouragement.

The next morning (bright and early), I gave my resignation letter to the Human Resources department, and informed them that I was leaving the job in 2 days, and making room for a younger person.

After those 2 days had come and gone, I was now home without a job, without an income, and just the $4.69 + my last week’s salary. That was not going to last more than 2 weeks, and that is with tight budgeting.

How I moved from $4.69 in savings to having my own business in 3 weeks - Enter your name and Email in the box below to get the details. Click the 'Send' button when you are done.

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The next morning and 13 consecutive mornings after, I locked myself in a room and waited with pen and notebook on my knees before God, asking Him to give me a business idea. That idea did not come until the 14th Morning.

I implemented that idea the same week, and generated over three times my salary for four consecutive months…and the rest is history – Plenty history…Too much to put in this article.

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How I moved from $4.69 in savings to having my own business in 3 weeks - Enter your name and Email in the box below to get the details. Click the 'Send' button when you are done.

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